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5 Deceptively Simple Everyday Achievements

5 normal functions we take for granted everyday. We only realise what a blessing they are, when living with a chronic illness or going through hard times.

“Nobody realises that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.” – Albert Camus

This statement rings true not just for people with chronic illnesses, but for anyone who is going through a tough time. Here is a list of some everyday activities that can be a challenge at times, and you might even be able to relate to a few of them over certain periods in your life:

1. Getting Out of Bed

It can take up to two hours on a bad day, just coaxing the body into a minimal functional level. You shift a swollen arm or leg an inch, allow it to recover from the pain, before continuing on your mission to get out of bed.

It is impossible to just roll over and jump out of it even if you could bear with the pain – your body simply will not cooperate. You feel done for the day after struggling through the morning routine, but it’s only just begun.

2. Getting to Work

As your body is still striving towards a decent function level, taking crowded public transport in the mornings can be stressful – it might be difficult to breathe, or you might feel giddy or nauseous. I used to exit the train every two or three stops to sit and recover, before continuing on my journey.

3. Work

It isn’t unusual to visit up to 10 different doctors every month, and these appointments often occur during business hours. While some companies may be tolerant of this constant disruption, there is still the need for me to complete my fair share of work. The longer work days however, are a key factor in feeding this cycle of pain.

4. Moving Around the Office

When your joints are swollen with pain, there is an actual need to plan the number of times you stand up to get out of your seat. Trips to the bathroom, or ‘popping over’ at a colleague’s desk for a meeting can really add up.

5. Meeting Friends for Dinner
Even fun or casual outings can be exhausting, more so if they happen at the end of a long day, where energy supplies have already dipped into the negative margin.

A social life is often what’s sacrificed first during periods of bad flare ups. The meagre amount of energy granted to you has to be conserved for basic day to day functions such as walking, cleaning up and working.

To those who suffer from something or the other on a daily basis, be it physical, psychological or emotional – what else do you put in way more effort than usual to do? It would be great if you could share and contribute yet more insight into this parallel world.

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Here are 5 'normal' functions we take for granted everyday. We usually only realise what a blessing they are, when living with a chronic illness or going through a difficult time. | A Chronic Voice

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