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The Superpowers of the Average Human Being

‘Normal’ is a most fascinating word, because no two person’s ‘normal’ is ever the same. For example, feeling some sort of ailment every day is normal to me, and not feeling any pain makes it an extra good day.

For the sake of this article, the word ‘normal’ shall be synonymous with the ‘average healthy human being’. Here are some of their superpowers that would be a dream to possess.

Superpower 1: Pulling All Nighters be it for Work or Play
“On my 8th cup of coffee/alcohol beverage and still going strong!” Sometimes I see such updates on my Facebook feed late at night, and this vitality fills me with wonder.

For every late night that I pull, I exchange a full day or two for recovery. This is usually spent sleeping off the aching pain that has accumulated overnight. Attempting this adrenaline fueled mode over an extended period of time would require superficial sustenance from steroids. If the inflammation burns out of control, then I need to go to the hospital.

Superpower 2: Maximising Holiday Time
I find it amazing how people are able to rush straight to the airport after work, hop on a plane, and proceed to have a good time. I am also in awe of how they’re able to sleep upright in a cramped chair on overnight flights, and consider that enough rest.

The few occasions where I’ve tried to maximise vacation time by doing so have backfired, as I then need more time to recover. Once, the pain was so bad that I had to fly home the following day to seek help.

Superpower 3: Wolverine-esque Self-Repair and Recovery Speed
While this goes without saying, it is still intriguing how the body of the average person is able to heal on its own. I tried to deal with the common cold once the natural way, you know, with food, vitamins and rest. But medications had to come into play after a week of groundhog day.

The ability to heal from a skin wound fascinates me to no end as well. My scrapes often turn into pus-filled sores if left to their own devices, with the potential of escalating into a serious problem such as sepsis.

Superpower 4: Enhanced Poison Purging Abilities
That a normal person is able to recover from a hangover in a day or two is an incredible feat as well. It lasts a week or two for me, and every drink is a gamble. Either nothing goes wrong and I get to enjoy a normal social life, or I start feeling sick after a few sips, without any of the benefits that comes with poisoning yourself.

Superpower 5: Getting Out of Bed in a Heartbeat
Watching my partner jump out of bed, prepare and head off to work under 30 minutes, is like watching an action movie right before my eyes. I have no idea how he does it, as my body requires two hours to warm up to a decent speed.

While you may think that some of these ‘skills’ aren’t quite necessary, what I am trying to highlight are the incredible things your body can do (or the amount of abuse it can take ;)), and how amazing it is. For those who suffer from chronic illnesses, is there anything else about the ‘average’ person that fills you with awe?

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‘Normal’ is a most fascinating word, because no two person’s ‘normal’ is ever the same. For example, feeling some sort of ailment every day is normal to me.


  • I am the green eyed monster with anyone that is able to socialise or work like a normal person. I just cannot do it. Whilst I look pretty normal on the outside and feel like I am coping at the time (even enjoying it) the exertion required side swipes me massively overnight and the next day. My sleep is agitated and then I battle huge fatigue and headaches as a result. So not fair!! This is where I’ve been this week. Work went stupid and we had overseas visitors. It has been one big fail!!

    • Hi Jayne,

      I totally get you…I’m amazed how people can even go for drinks after work and find that relaxing, especially on a weekday! I’m not sure how I used to do that (while in even more pain than now); I suppose I was just younger and it was the reason why my body kept breaking down. It might not have been a great week, but I don’t think you have failed in any way! I’m trying to be kinder to myself too, it can be hard not to get angry with my body 😉 Wishing you well xx

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