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You Can Make a Difference. Yes – You.

Secondary Advocate

By liking, commenting and best of all, sharing, any of the posts on this blog, you are adding your signature to it.

You are saying, “I agree, and would like to raise awareness too, simply by spreading the word.”

While a single voice has a chance to be heard, many voices joined together becomes louder and clearer, creating an avalanche effect for change.

To those who have taken initiative to do so – thank you!! To those who are hesitating, it doesn’t take too much effort *tease* ;p To those who prefer reading quietly – no pressure and thank you for sticking around!

And finally to those who disagree or find something troubling – will you help me out by providing some constructive feedback? I would like to improve the page for the benefit of all.

We need your support for minority voices to be heard. Thank you!

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