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My Classic Recipe for Useless Stress

My Classic Recipe for Useless Stress

How do You ‘Save’ Time?
I am often glued to the screen of my mobile phone while aboard public transport or walking along the streets, in an attempt to ‘save some time’ by ‘getting minor tasks out of the way’. It is a little ironic to be doing so especially when I am having a coffee break.

More often than not this only serves to agitate me further, rather than provide relief. My focus is scattered as the bus or cab jerks back and forth, or from the constant need to multi-task so that I do not walk into oncoming traffic or someone else.

Is There a Need for Speed?
Today I asked myself, ‘do I really need to get this done right now?’ And the answer was no. Those ‘minor tasks’ could be done later – at a proper place, in good time, with greater efficiency, and with less buzz in the brain.

To speed up is to apply pressure, to increase strain or force, to stress upon. Too often my body is wound up with tension for no good reason, but with the desire to do things at a speed that is greater than necessary.

Perhaps it is a habit or aspect of my personality, but it isn’t easy for me to take it easy. It will have to be something I learn how to manage however – the stress pressure-cooked within my body is always a recipe for disaster.

Improving This Single Moment
I am not an expert in mindfulness techniques, nor am I a qualified health therapist. But what I am doing now is simply common sense –

As I write this little reminder to myself, I am deliberating my physical actions – I stop that intense feet shaking, take deeper breaths, feel my fingers tapping against the keyboard, lift my mug of coffee up to my lips a little slower – and true enough, that simple act of eliminating unnecessary speed makes me feel a little better. And my goals for the day are being achieved just the same.

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  • I’m glad I came across this post – I think, despite the current lockdown in Mumbai, and I am not out and about, yet I feel I need to multitask walking from one room to the next or while making breakfast – I need to stop the useless stress too!

    • Thanks Shruti! This is such an old post of mine haha, when I first started out 🙂 But I just re-read it too and you know what – I need this reminder for myself too, again!!

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