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It’s Just One of Those Nights

It's Just One of Those Nights

This poem was written during the peak of my struggles with steroids a few years ago. If you would like to understand a little more about the side effects, the article can be found here: High Dose Steroids: The First Question You Will Definitely Ask.

It’s Just One of Those Nights

The feelings are all churning
In an inner sea of bile.
Painfully raw they’re burning
But you touch them, most servile.
Those opportunistic bastards
Finally have you cornered.
You don’t want to feed them,
But they’re waiting to feed you.
Don’t you understand?
They won’t let you die;
Who will starve for you then?
It’s just one of those nights.

Guilt’s will is iron but false,
And sorrow always has her way;
They care about neither of yours.
Making friends quickly today,
They convince you that it was you,
Who wanted to be their friend.
They hang around all day,
Smoking all your cigarettes
Without ever needing to pay.
And you think it’s alright,
Because you befriended them first.
It’s just one of those nights.

Your daydreams lose their influence,
So at night memory sweats in labour,
Hoping to find some semblance,
To something you can’t remember,
And won’t remember when you wake.
The lies of this ugly world,
Trickle past skin unscathed.
Meandering in a poisonous path,
Death the journey and goal.
You’re really dreaming of sleep,
Even as you dream while sleeping.
It’s just one of those nights.

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