A Page From a Sick Girl's Diary: Sometimes I Wish I Was an Old Person

Recently I turned 30 and I was glad, but not for the reasons you might imagine. I felt relieved; relieved to leave the decade associated with boundless energy. I was questioned a lot especially in my early youth, “why aren’t you drinking? Why won’t you come to my party? Why don’t you have some fun?” […]

Free Wallpapers: Capable of Walking & Want to Do it

These quote cards were made in relation to the post, “The Art of Supporting: Sometimes That Means Letting Go”. Feel free to use them as little reminders in whatever way you like! Capable of Walking by Christie Williams “We cripple people who are capable of walking because we choose to carry them.” – Christie Williams […]


What do we have lined up for you this week? An assortment of fascinating health trivia, patient insight, humour and more! Have a look below 🙂 #Fibromyalgia & the Importance of #Forgiveness – do it for you: https://t.co/OnoeGrOFDY (via @drunkitty2000) #pain pic.twitter.com/huXCb5sEuw — A Chronic Voice (@AChVoice) June 2, 2016 Clinical #Depression – The most […]