Top Tweets of the Week (27 Aug – 02 Sep 2016)

A Chronic Voice: Top Tweets of the Week (27 Aug - 02 Sep 2016)

Hello and welcome to this week’s curated list of health tweets! There is now scientific evidence for the autoimmune disorder, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, that sets it apart from ordinary fatigue. There’s also some wonderful insight from various people, about life lessons learned through living with chronic and mental illness. We also take a look at the dangers of ‘inspiration porn’ – who does it really benefit? – and examine catastrophic responses learned through years of living with pain. In light of the recent Zika outbreak in Singapore, we take a look at some major concerns linked to it – pregnancy and Guillain-Barre syndrome. Finally, there’s a great infographic that shows the many important roles nurses play, and why the environment is so important for healing in hospitals.

I truly hope that these tweets – the culmination of knowledge from many people of all walks in life – would prove useful or interesting to you. Have a wonderful week ahead!

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