6 Free Wallpapers: Character is What You Know You Are | A Chronic Voice

Quote cards made for the post: “Why Not From Beautiful, to Still Beautiful?”, and also some reflections I had while putting them together. I’m not here to dispense advice, because god knows I’m struggling to get my own life in order! But I just wanted to scribble these thoughts down as guideposts, for those dim […]

A Chronic Voice: Top Health Tweets of the Week (15 - 21 Oct)

Top tweets curated for you, by you, from our Twitter feed this week: The close friendships developed through the thin in life, tips on coping with both pain and recovery, knowledge on the 2nd most common musculoskeletal condition in the world (fibromyalgia), why it’s good to get your kids dirty, a powerful list shaking up […]

A Chronic Voice: Top Tweets of the Week (08 - 14 Oct 2016)

Hello hope your week went well! Here’s what we’ve got for you this week, curated from our Twitter feed. There’s some great perspectives from different people, living with various long term illnesses; one of them writes on why it’s okay to be upset with your illness, another on why suicide isn’t from a selfish origin, […]

A Chronic Voice | What You Reshare Can Change Someone Else's Life Forever

I wrote about how some advice given by others can quite literally kill in a previous post. There are some great alternative therapies out there, but there is no one-treatment-fits-all when it comes to chronic illness. The Chinese herbal brew you consumed might work wonders for you, but trigger liver failure in someone else. Many […]