Top Tweets of the Week (24 – 30 Sep 2016)

A Chronic Voice: Top Tweets of the Week (24 - 30 Sep 2016)

Hello and welcome to this week’s curated list from our Twitter feed! There’s some medical comic posters which we absolutely adore, and can’t decide which to buy! We also backed a great project on Kickstarter for some pretty medical ID bracelets – we’re always excited for a fellow chronic illness person to earn some passive income or start up their own business!

We also take a look at how chronic illness affects your dreams, and its humourous downsides and upsides. Then there’s the debate against low-cost medications and their effectiveness, the heartbreaking situation in Aleppo where brain surgeries take place on blood stained floors, the key to longevity in an Italian village, a brilliant charity app you can download, how a tech startup is combatting death from counterfeit drugs, how you can contribute to food for the needy in Singapore and the stigma fueled by the unscientific term ‘3 parent baby’ in recent news.

We hope you enjoy this week’s abundance of health topics as much as we did!

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