Top Health Tweets of the Week (01 – 07 Oct 2016)

A Chronic Voice: Top Health Tweets of the Week (01 - 08 Oct 2016)

Hello dear reader, and welcome to this week’s list of curated tweets from our Twitter feed! Many of you were in strong agreement that a simple smile can make a huge, positive impact on someone else’s life. We also take a look at the volatility of chronic illnesses, where it’s truly impossible to compare one to another.

Then there’s the recent sensation of Louise Delage – an Instagram bot with an addiction, and the trailer for ‘Unbreak My Heart’, which features Toni Braxton’s hospital experience for Lupus.

This week’s medical knowledge highlights the critical signs to watch out for in sepsis, and an interesting look at leprosy then and now.

Finally, there’s some awesome material to peruse for inspiration or distraction – admire the elegance of the NYC Dance Project, gawk at the gorgeous details of some pop art medical posters by Eleanor Lutz (also for sale!), and browse ‘Stressed Unstressed’, a book of classic poems to ease the mind.

Wishing you a smooth, bump free week ahead…or as close to it as you can get! 😉

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