Issue #37: Season For Inspiration, Changing Your Story & More!

Issue #37: Top Health Tweets of the Week | A Chronic Voice

Saturday, 24 December 2016. Issue #37.

In this edition: It’s the season for inspirational quotes it seems, and we have lots of that for you this week! A wonderful talk by a woman with dystrophy and Marfan syndrome; society condemned her, she changed the tune of that story. The lifelong grieving that comes with permanent illnesses. How to have a productive day with chronic pain, by keeping it in perspective.

Merry Christmas and may all your beautiful wishes come true! 😉

Note: I hashtagged it as Marfan Syndrome, but that is not 100% accurate. She does have Marfan Syndrome, but the other rare disease that affects her this way is called lipodystrophy. Ignore the link above and view her (very interesting) talk here instead:

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