Issue #38: Coping Over the Holidays, How to Build a Human & More!

Issue #38: Top Health Tweets of the Week | A Chronic Voice

Sunday, 01 Jan 2017. Issue #38.

In this edition: Insight into coping with chronic illness, especially over the lively holiday period. Also encouragement for those who are feeling blue instead of festive. Inspiring story of humanity – Muslims who are feeding the homeless and elderly on Christmas. The unofficial emoji for condoms and safe sex. Interesting insight into treating chronic pain with LDN (low dose naltroxene). An amazing infographic as always from Eleanor Lutz on ‘How to Build a Human’.

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  • Avatar of Valerie

    Beautiful round up of tweets. Happy New Year!

    • Avatar of Sheryl Chan

      Thanks Valerie! Happy to see useful to someone…they are actually not that popular (these top tweets of the week), but I continue to compile them just because I find it fun 😉 Have a fab day!

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