#100WritingDays Roundup 5: My Inner Child is a Hot, Screaming Mess!

#100WritingDays Roundup 5: My Inner Child is a Hot, Screaming Mess! | A Chronic Voice

We all have an inner child and mine’s a hot, screaming mess! Here’s a story of why she’s the way she is, and how we befriended her. I also have a colossal fear of dancing, with its roots way back when I was seven. Imagine the worlds we could build or change if we were more mindful! Finally, I cheat some progress with a reflective post of my writing exercise so far.

15: My inner child and the angry girl

#15: My inner child and the angry girl | A Chronic Voice | #100WritingDays

“My inner child was (is) a hot, screaming mess! Boy did she know how to whine, and she’s ever fearful, always panicky. My chronic illnesses and the trauma I had to deal with over the years must have magnified her fears. She doesn’t handle stress well, and starts to shiver and go mental at the slightest hint of it. It’s never difficult to ‘tune in’ to her voice. She’s always there, mostly crying and whining about something. But there are those good days where she’s quiet and content, humming and minding her own business.”

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16. My fear of dancing, and a positive thought

16. My fear of dancing, and a positive thought | A Chronic Voice | #100WritingDays

“My heart sank right to my toes. I hadn’t even been aware that there was such a thing as ‘bad dancing’! Up until that seven years of my life, dancing was just pure fun, with no judgment from anybody. With a single sentence she broke some of that innocence, and made me feel less than.”

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17: Milestone thoughts

17. Milestone Thoughts | A Chronic Voice | #100WritingDays

“Many of the essays I’ve written so far have been very personal. I am embarrassed to post many of them, but I believe that that is what it means to be a writer. To tap into the essence of our humanity, so as to reach out to others with sincerity. I like editting my articles a little too much, because I want all loopholes sealed. I wipe away traces of ‘dirty’ revelations, but being too clinical is never exciting or inspiring.”

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