Issue #63: A Seaside Vacation with Migraines & a Male’s POV on Fibromyalgia

Issue #63: A Seaside Vacation with Migraines & a Male's POV on Fibromyalgia - Click to read or pin to save for later -

Saturday, 24 Jun 2017. Issue #63.

In this edition: Trying flotation therapy for chronic pain relief. Happiness starts right at home in our hearts. Tips for managing PoTs this summer season. I can give some more, despite whatever I feel. Going on a seaside vacation with migraines. Nine ways to manage chronic pain and self-care. What it’s like to be a man with fibromyalgia (the ratio of men to women with chronic illness is 1:10). Educators who have special needs kids under their care. 25 ways “you know you have chronic illness when…”. How hearing loss can increase brain tissue loss and dementia risk.

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