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August 2017 Prompts: Missing, Appreciating, Striving, Releasing & Eating

August 2017 Prompts: Missing, appreciating, striving, releasing, eating. Click to read or pin to save for later. Participate here:

What or who are you missing, appreciating, striving for, releasing and eating this month? Here’s what I’ll be up to! It would also be interesting to get a glimpse into the lives of my fellow chronic illness people out there. Click here to participate now!


Having my own money to spend. I’m actually terrified of returning to a full-time job, because the inevitable stress always triggers the worst flares. But I suppose I can’t live in this bubble forever, and will just have to learn how to manage it better.


My little birdies. We’ve been buying a new one every month, and it’s getting a bit obsessive :p But they bring us so much joy with their happy little tweets, their fondness for company, their amazing acrobatics and their surprising intelligence!


I hope to start on the Zero to Hero fitness programme. I’m excited about getting into better shape with a professional mentor. At the same time I worry about being slow, or losing interest when it gets tougher. But I’ve made a six month commitment so I’ll give it my best shot.


My judgmental nature. My #100WritingDays project on Medium has been a great little experiment on self-awareness thus far. I took the time to sort some thoughts out, and decided to judge my judgement. To question my thoughts before jumping to conclusions, and to give people more benefit of the doubt. It will probably be a lifelong process. But what I’ve realised is that I’ve been a much happier person ever since I started doing this!


We visited a cheese shop and came out with a bit too much… So now it seems like we’ll be eating cheese, ham, salami, bread and crackers for a while! Not that I mind, but not the most healthy 😉 Also bought a few different brands of pre-made bone broth. Any tasty ones that will ship overseas to recommend?

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August 21, 2017 23:44

This is such a great idea and just added my link to this party! I hope you are successful in your new fitness programme, I know how daunting it can be starting a new regime! But it sounds like a great opportunity and I hope you get some improvements with it too! Oh, and I love reading your writings for the challenge, they’ve been really interesting and thought-provoking.

August 5, 2017 01:52

I’ve never tried bone broth before, but I should.

I totally agree with having one’s own money to spend. That’s the most difficult thing of a chronic illness, being unable to provide for one’s self.

Emma England
August 1, 2017 01:53

This is a great idea! Really enjoyed reading this and look forward to reading more from others too 🙂 Hope to add my own as well! Rubbish about having to return to full time work. Really tough when living with chronic illness. Good luck with the fitness programme. Enjoy your birds and the cheese!

Kathy Forsyth
August 1, 2017 00:44

When I was a little girl I had rheumatic fever and was stuck in bed for months. My parents bought canaries and budgies to keep me company. I loved them. Now due to allergies, I can’t have them anymore.

August 3, 2017 01:39
Reply to  Sheryl Chan

I currently have a Chihuahua named Dottie. We are good buddies.

July 31, 2017 12:38

Thanks for sharing. Just curious, how many birds do you have? What kind?

What I love most about early morning rising is that I can hear the birds.