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A Pleasant Find in “The Finder” Magazine

A Pleasant Find in "The Finder" Magazine: Some free mag I picked up on the streets. Click to read or pin to save for later. |

I Like Magazines, Especially When They’re Free!

I have a soft spot for print, and treat myself to a magazine every now and then. So when I see a free magazine on counter tops, my first instinct is to grab one. “The Finder” came in a pack of two, and targets expats in Singapore. As such, I expected to find content for top Asian beach destinations, best clubbing spots and the likes. And I did find such content in the main magazine, but it came along with another free booklet, “Living with the Big C”. This fascinated me more than the ‘main’ content. In fact, this fascinated me so much that I read it from cover to cover.

The Finder magazine cover
The Finder magazine contents

“Living with the Big C”

It is an awareness and educational booklet about cancer, and the contents are as listed in the picture above. While there are other awareness campaigns going on in Singapore as well, this one struck a chord with me. While I don’t have cancer, I live with many chronic illnesses. There are a lot more similarities than you’d imagine. I’ve tried chemotherapy drugs, and have had my fair share of hospital and bed bound days. The overlaps we struggle with in society are similar as well, such as what we wish others around us would say or not say.

finder young people

Light but Packs a Punch!

I could relate to everything in this magazine. It wasn’t the typical educational booklet that is usually dry, clinical or written as if you were a child. This had opinions of real people from all walks of life, and covered a spectrum of thoughts. It wasn’t a rehash of the same old tips and bland inspiration of ‘think positive’ and ‘what you should eat’.

The Finder magazine - 10 things you can say to someone with cancer part 1
The Finder magazine - 10 things you can say to someone with cancer part 2

Things You Can Say to Those Who are in Constant Pain

I especially loved the “10 things you can say to someone with cancer” feature. For those who have friends or family suffering from chronic illnesses, this hits the nail on the head as well. I could totally relate to every single opinion on these two pages!

The Finder magazine - eat well
The Finder magazine - live well

Standard Advice Done in Good Taste

Of course, there were practical tips included in the booklet as well, but they were thoughtful advice written in good taste. Whoever wrote the content seems to understand what it’s like to live with a chronic or terminal illness, or has a good ear and empathetic soul.

The Finder magazine - introduction

Well Done, Parkway Cancer Centre

Parkway Cancer Centre is the creator of ths booklet. And I must say, judging by this mini magazine alone, that they seem to be the right place for patients to go to. The advice and opinions from both doctors and patients alike tugged at my heartstrings. For once, the content hit close to home. In fact, I was so impressed I had to write a whole blog post about it 😉 Thank you and well done, PCC!

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"The Finder" is a free magazine you can find in Singapore. I had a pleasant surprise when it came with a top notch awareness booklet on cancer. Click to read or pin to save for later. |
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