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October 2017 Prompts: Inspiring, Dreaming, Reducing, Creating & Listening

October 2017 Prompts: Inspiring, Dreaming, Reducing, Creating, Listening. Click to read & participate, or pin to save for later. |

What or who will you be inspiring, dreaming, reducing, creating and listening for the month of October? You’re free to interpret these keywords however you wish; here’s my own list! I hope you’ll join me on this parallel journey that’s similar yet different in so many ways 🙂

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with the new “It’s in My Blood” series. If you haven’t heard, I’ve set up a new series on the blog about people who live with chronic illnesses. It’s about their talents and passions in life, with little to no focus on their illnesses. I believe that we all have the ability to inspire others around us no matter our circumstances. I hope this series will reach out to inspire those who are ill, and also to generate more awareness, respect and interest from the average person. P.s. You’re welcome to participate too!

Zhangye Danxia landform in China.
Zhangye Danxia landform in China


of an exploratory trip. Ever since I’ve stopped working full time, my resources for travelling have reduced drastically, even though it’s one of my favourite activities to do. We do go on relaxing getaways every now and then, which I’m extremely grateful for, of course. But right now the kind of trip I’m craving for is something a little bit more off the beaten path. I’d like to go somewhere where I don’t speak the language, soak up another beautiful culture, and take long train rides. This kind of travel always makes me feel the most alive. Ideally that would be Iran (which is still #1 on the travel bucket list), but something like my month long overland trip from Asia to Europe would be a dream come true right now 🙂

Spring at Bronte Beach, Sydney, Australia.
Spring at Bronte Beach, Sydney, Australia


social media and blogging. I admit to being a little too addicted to my smartphone and to blogging. While they are not bad things in and of themselves – in fact, they can be good and useful things – I feel like I’ve reached a point where I’m frazzled, and mentally off balance because I spend too much time thinking and working on them. It doesn’t help that it’s so easy to access these tools at any time or place, which blurs the line between digital and physical space. I’ll be making a mindful effort to protect my mental wellbeing, by denying myself of digital devices past a certain time. If I’m bored, I can go write or read or come up with something creative in my head. I will also block out time during the day to rest my eyes, breathe, and to constantly realign myself towards wellness, and not away from it.


a bullet journal. I’m not the most creative person in terms of doodling abilities; my journals have mostly always been disposable task lists (yea my handwriting is so bad I need to destroy the evidence fast). I’m looking at all these gorgeous journals online and am so envious of everyone’s beautiful drawings! :p Anyway it looks pretty fun, and I’m sure I’ll learn some tricks along the way. The explanation video on the original Bullet Journal site has convinced me to at least try it out. Besides, I found some stamps and templates online which I can use for cheating 😉 Any other tips from you bujo veterans are welcome, too!


to Spotify Premium. No this is not an ad, and yes I’m slow to the party. I’ve been trying out their three months for $0.99 promotion and it’s been pretty good, so I might opt to continue. Before this I didn’t see the value of paying for a music service, and would rather purchase an album off iTunes. (The control freak in me wants to actually *own* the songs, not just stream them!) But I really like their pre-made playlists, and discovering new artistes at the drop of a hat. There’s always something to suit whatever mood I’m in. Recently it’s been a lot of instrumental piano albums (bonus: my birds seem to like them too and chirp along!), and some Marcy Playground. Apart from higher quality audio, the other big benefit is the ability to play them on other devices offline.

Your turn! What will you be up to in October? 🙂 Click here to read other entries, and add your own post!

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October prompts for spoonies: What or who will you be inspiring, dreaming, reducing, creating & listening for the month of October? Here's my list, join me! Click to read or pin to save for later. |


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  • I absolutely loved this and would love to take part, how do I find other blogs who have participated? I loved your blog.. very relatable (just apart from the travelling :-)) thank you for creating these.. gives us all something to do instead of watching Netflix 😂 xx

    • Hi Hannah,

      Thanks so much for dropping by and reading, I appreciate it 🙂 I’ve included the links in the post, but seems like it isn’t too clear so I’ll edit it 🙂 In the meantime, you can click here:

      It’s a monthly thing and you can add your entry anytime within the month, although early is best so we can reshare it as much as possible! 🙂

      I’m glad you could relate to my post (apart from travelling haha). I could relate to the other posts added as well 🙂 x

  • Inspiring post ❤️ it. It’s funny how some of the things you mentioned I’ve started doing recently too. I’ve also been working on creating a social media buffer in my life and only just got into Spotify a little while ago as well!

    • Nice! Seems like things do run parallel in different parts of the world too, as long as there’s internet 😉 Thanks so much for participating, hope to see you next month too! P.s. Do you think 5 prompts are too many, perhaps 3 prompts are easier?

      • Hmmmm, 5 seems like a lot when I first sit down to write, but once I start it’s manageable. 3 would allow for more depth on each prompt though 🤔

  • Really love the idea of these link ups parties. It’s great reading everyone’s responses! The “it’s in my blood” series is a great idea too. Good luck with the bullet journal! I have terrible handwriting too, and I Iook wistfully at all the pretty ones out there!! x

    • Thanks Emma! I’m having fun writing as well as reading others’ responses, too! Thanks! Pretty handwriting is such an art 😉

  • I’m enjoying your “It’s in My Blood” series. Loved reading your answers to these prompts. Thank you for doing these link parties.

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  • Thank you for starting up these linkups. I really enjoyed the mental challenge of reflecting on the prompts and coming up with my responses. It was also wonderful to read your reflections. Fingers crossed that you will have the ability to go somewhere off the beaten path soon. Those types of vacation are always a wonderful source of inspiration and perspective.

    • Hi Leidamarie,

      It is my pleasure! I’ve been enjoying hosting them, and I hope it’s fun for all of you too 🙂 Hope to see you next month! x

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