Midweek Blog Boost Linkup (November 08 – 10)

Have a blog post that you think deserves more attention? Use this weekly linkup opportunity to give it a boost, and in turn, help others out, too! Click to read or participate, or pin to save for later. |

What is This?

With so many blog posts being published every day, it’s easy to miss out on many of them, no matter how good they are. This weekly linkup is an opportunity for you to share your personal favs, or posts you think deserve more attention. Simply click on the blue ‘Add Your Link’ button at the bottom to get started. Check back every Wednesday to add more links!

A Few Simple Rules:

  • Maximum of two links per website.
  • It must be from your own blog, or written by you.
  • Post/Share ratio of 1:1. For every post you add here, you must reshare something from this page as well.
  • You can reshare on any of your social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc), or you can leave a comment on their post. Or better yet – do it all!
  • Reshare this main link to at least one of your social media outlets, preferably before it expires.
  • This is a weekly linkup that will run every Wednesday for 48 hours, to cover all timezones. All timings listed are in Singapore time (+8 GMT).
  • Failure to follow these rules might get you blacklisted from future linkups. Let’s keep it fair for all 🙂

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