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“It’s in My Blood”: Bree Dixon – Paris Je T’aime, Even with Chronic Pain

"It's in My Blood": Bree Dixon - Paris Je T'aime, Even with Chronic Pain |

Featuring Bree Dixon of “3 Sisters Abroad”

Bree enjoys travelling, especially with her two sisters, and her blog has some lovely pictures of the adventurous trio! She fell in love with Paris at first sight, and loves visiting Europe in general. She also has an interest in photography, and combines them with her passion for writing on her blog. Back at home, she spends lots of time with her beloved dogs, eating clean, and also appreciates a good TV show or two. Let’s check her out! 😉

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Bree's beloved dogs
Bree’s beloved dogs, Sally & Betty


  • How many and what sort of dogs do you have?
    I have two dogs, Sally who is nearly 4 years old, and Betty who is just over 1. Sally is a kelpie/dingo and Betty is a purebred kelpie.
  • Are they your first pets? If not, what were your first pets?
    No not my first pets. I grew up in a household of cats, dogs, chickens, kangaroos and birds. My very first pets that I would call my own were Gene and Beth. They lived until they were 11 and 12 respectively. Gene passed away in 2015, and Beth 2016. They were sisters and blue healer x kelpies.
  • How are your dogs like in terms of temperament? Are they very different?
    They are the best dogs. They love to run and play but they also love to take naps ? Kelpies are bred to round up cattle and sheep, so they go and go and then stop.
  • Do you or have you ever owned any other pets apart from dogs?
    Yes my daughter had cats or still has cats. At one stage we had five cats and a muma cat.
  • Why do you like dogs as pets the best?
    Dogs are just so faithful. They love you no matter what and will protect you.
  • Any cute quirks?
    Yes lots. Betty comes inside for a nap when we say “nap”. She will also lay down if we say “feet”, to have them cleaned from the mud if it has been raining. Sally will dob on Betty when the elderly neighbour comes over to give them treats. Betty will also bring you the tissue you left on the floor as she tries to chew it.
  • How do they affect your life in terms of wellbeing?
    Pat a dog and you instantly calm down. They love to go for walks so it helps with my health to take them for walks every day.
  • What about your physical lifestyle? Are they a lot of work to care for?
    I find dogs easy to look after. Feed them, walk them, love them, and they give back 10 fold.
  • Anything interesting or insightful about these breeds of dogs that’s not commonly cited in books and resources?
    A lot of books say these dogs need lots of exercise. I agree to a point, but if I am unable to take them for a walk to the dog park or the beach, they are happy to play in the backyard.
  • What sort of owners would be the perfect fit for these dogs?
    People who are home a lot. They can get into trouble easily, chewing, etc, if left alone.
  • Why did you specifically pick these dogs out of so many out there?
    They are loyal dogs, very intelligent, plus we always get our pets from rescue groups.
  • What should one be prepared for if they want to own dogs like yours?
    Loving caring dogs who will always be your friend and companion.

Out and about in Paris
Out and about in Paris


  • You’re writing a novel, wow! What’s that roughly about?
    Ooo now that would be telling. It’s about 3 sisters who travel and what they get up to!
  • What’s your writing style like? Does it vary widely between your blog and novel?
    Well I have only started writing the novel. So I’m not sure really what the style is like.
  • Do you also write for a living?
    I would love to, but isn’t that every writer’s dream to write for a living?
  • What about writing do you love?
    Putting my thoughts and feelings on paper and sharing our travels.
  • What about reading do you love?
    I love to read and get into the main character of the book.
  • What sort of books or genres do you read and enjoy?
    I love to read! History! Romantic and mystery novels. Anything that gets me in so I do not want to put the book down.
  • What do you think is the most important connection between reading and writing?
    I believe you write what you would like to read about.
  • What do you think is most important to do if you want to be a good writer?
    This is hard to answer as I am not sure If I am a good writer. Let me answer this when I have a best seller or four!
  • How do you come up with blog post ideas?
    Most of my blog is about our travels, however some of my posts are about things in general in my life.
  • Any tips for bloggers who want to get started but don’t know where or what to write about?
    Just write. Do not worry about likes or people following you. It will happen. Have some interaction with other bloggers.
  • What do you get out of writing?
    I think I have finally found something I can do. I was never any good at sewing, or knitting, or making anything. I can bake though.
  • Do you prefer to type on the computer or write by pen or pencil? Do you think it makes a difference?
    I prefer the laptop. My penmanship has gotten really bad over the years, and I get very tired when I write. I suffer with arthritis in my hands and fingers and typing is easier. Plus I can read it.
  • Do you keep any notebooks, diaries or list? Do you find that they help you in your life?
    I do keep lists and notebooks on my laptop and phone. I never had to do that, however with my memory struggling some days due to my chronic illness, I now have to or I will forget.
  • Any tips for reading consistently? (This is for me :p)
    Find something you like. Especially an author, they usually write similar books each time. Don’t force it. I can read a lot, then I just can’t pick up another book for quite a while.

3 sisters abroad! Paula, Bree & Muriel
3 sisters abroad! Paula, Bree & Muriel


  • There are many types of diets, etc out there. What is your definition of clean eating?
    For me, it’s cooking from scratch. Even if you eat baked goods and biscuits, make them yourself. Then you know exactly what’s gone into it.
  • How does this affect your mental and physical wellbeing?
    It has helped me with all my chronic illnesses. If I eat rubbish as I call it…packet biscuits, gluten and lots of sugar, I am very brain fogged. No energy at all.
  • Do you dogs eat clean too? Any precautions to take for them?
    Yes they eat grain free and basically what we eat.
  • Why do you enjoy clean eating?
    It’s cheaper. No driving past McDonald’s, etc.Everything is cooked at home. I love to cook and bake.
  • Do you ever eat junk food or ever get certain cravings?
    I love chocolate!
  • What’s a typical day for you like in terms of meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, or however you break them up)?
    Breakfast is usually eggs – scrambled, omelette, poached etc…with avocado, bacon and tomato. As I usually eat breakfast later in the morning often I don’t have lunch. Dinner is a slow cooked meal, BBQ, or roast. I always have vegetables with my dinner, either steamed or roasted. I do not eat salads much. If I do it’s a caesar salad that we make ourselves.
  • How did you start eating clean? Was it difficult to start in terms of determination and/or resources?
    Very easy. I am allergic to fish, peanuts and gluten. I won’t eat anything that has soy in it due to having a thyroid condition. So by cooking clean I know exactly what’s in my food.
  • Now that you’re into it, what are your best tips for those who’d like to start?
    Start with replacing your packets such as flour, etc with almond and coconut flour. Google Paleo…very easy to cook. Use coconut oil, olive oil and duck fat for cooking. Do not be afraid of fats..real butter has good fat.
  • What kind of diets have you tried? Or do you just follow your own protocol?
    I have tried everything. As for eating clean – paleo is the one that’s worked for me.

  • Is it expensive to maintain such a lifestyle? Any tips?
    Only if you want it to be expensive. Visit the farmers’ markets and buy what’s in season.
  • Anything you actually dislike about eating clean? (Maybe not the food, but something else?)
    When people say oh it’s too hard, or you’re missing out on nutrients.
Bathing boxes, Rosebud - where Bree lives
Bathing boxes, Rosebud – where Bree lives


  • What sort of genres do you like watching? Mostly series?
    I love to watch comedy, murder mystery, reality and crime shows.
  • Top 3 TV shows you’d recommend?
    Outlander, Murdoch Mysteries and anything to do with dogs.
  • What about watching TV do you enjoy?
    I can have the TV on with my laptop on my lap. I love to have a laugh as well. Hence why I like comedy and reality shows. With the murder mystery ones I like to see if I can work out who “dunnit” before they do.
  • There are people who prefer to read, and there are those who prefer to watch it in the form of a movie, TV series or documentary. What are your personal thoughts about this?
    Its a personal thing actually. I say each to their own. I know of people who do not even own a TV. Others who have never read a book.
  • Do TV series ever affect you emotionally/psychologically in a big way?
    Yes, especially when the show has finished, or when I am watching a reality show. For example we have a show called “The Block”, which is about five couples who renovate their houses or apartments. Sometimes you want to throw something at the TV!
  • Where and how do you usually watch TV series (ipad in bed, on the sofa in the living room)? Is that the most comfy spot?
    I have a TV in my room and also the lounge room. I watch them in both places, but not at the same time. I share a house with two others, so when they are watching something I don’t like, I often go and lay down in bed to watch shows that I have recorded.


  • What sort of cameras and lenses do you use?
    I have an Olympus Digital camera. I purchased it last year before our trip to Europe.
  • What sort of subjects do you enjoy taking? Portraits? Landscapes? Nature? Etc?
    I love taking pictures of my dogs in action, flowers, actually anything.
  • How often do you do photography? Do you sometimes go for a walk just to take pictures?
    Yes I often take the camera to the dog beach or the dog park. Often I will say, “I wish I had my camera with me”.
  • Do you use your phone to take photos too? What do you think about phone photography?
    Yes I also use my phone camera, especially those times I have left my camera at home. I think it doesn’t matter what you use. However, a lot of photos that look amazing have had so many filters etc done to them. I prefer not touching anything up except for cropping.
The Eiffel Tower in Paris, Bree's love
The Eiffel Tower in Paris, Bree’s love


  • What about travelling do you enjoy most?
    I love getting away from everyday life, and meeting fellow travelers. Also seeing some amazing places.
  • What kind of traveller are you? Cultural? Explorer? Adventurer? Sporty? Foodie? Etc?
    I think I am a cultural, explorer, and foodie type of traveller. I love learning and seeing all the history.
  • Which have been your favourite countries to visit and why?
    I fell in love with Paris last year. So this year we went to France and did 16 days of touring. I love Europe, and would love to live there. My younger self should have moved there.
  • Tell us something about your own country + hometown that’s worth knowing (both good and bad).
    We are an island that’s bigger than most other countries. We have desert inland, and a rugged coastline. Australia has four seasons, and I live on the coastal region. One side is the bay and the other is the wild ocean. It’s a holiday destination in the summer months. All along the bay, everyone camps in tents and caravans. The place is very busy.
  • How often do you travel, or try to travel?
    I can only travel overseas once for 28 days in a 12 month period. It’s the pension I am due to my chronic illnesses.
  • Do you usually travel solo, with your partner, or someone else?
    I have traveled on my own. I went to the USA for 4 weeks on my own a few years ago. The last two trips have been with my sisters. When I was 16 I traveled with my mum to the UK.
  • What are your main travelling concerns (apart from health reasons)?
    I suppose the increased terrorist activity. Although in France, the army and police are everywhere. So actually I felt safer there than in my own country.
  • Are you a heavy planner or go with the flow type of traveller?
    I prefer planning for overseas trips. However I do like to go with the flow in my own country.
  • Top bucket list destination?
    Europe – Italy.
  • Tell us about a surprising incident. I.e. a special find, or something you didn’t expect in a good way.
    We saw so many wonderful things every day. To me that was the special find – opening my eyes in another town with the anticipation of what we would see that day.
  • Favourite mode of transport and why?
    My legs, and the little trains all the towns in Europe have to get you around for sightseeing.
  • Which place can you visit over and over again without getting sick of it and why?
    Paris. It’s so beautiful. As I said before I fell in love with her.
  • Tips for those who have your kind of chronic illnesses and dream of travelling?
    Speak to your doctor. Take along enough medication to get you through at least an extra week. Take prescriptions and have letters with your list of illnesses and drugs you take. Make sure you have antibiotics in case of sickness. Go on that trip! Do not be scared. You will have fun. Life is too short to say, “I wish I had gone away”.

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Bree Lives with the Following Illnesses:

Learn more about her experiences living with them on her blog.

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I am a mother of two beautiful young ladies and mum to two beautiful fur babies. I have lived in nearly every state of Australia. I love to travel and write. Find her here: blog, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram.

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Ellie Presner
December 31, 2017 04:19

What a fascinating woman you are, Bree! Nice to have a bit of a “window” into what makes you tick.
I’m very curious about the caption to the photo of houses (?) up there, it says “Bathing boxes, Rosebud – where Bree lives.” What’s the story there, Bree? (Just a sentence will do, I don’t want you to think I’m demanding a novel! 😀 )

Felicia Denise
December 30, 2017 17:35

Excellent post, Bree! Keep smiling! 🙂 Nice to meet you, Sheryl!

December 30, 2017 03:55

I always love these posts Sheryl, and this one is no exception! Thanks for giving us insight into others’ lives and encouraging us to get out and live by sharing their stories.

December 25, 2017 14:56

I already follow the 3 Sisters Abroad blog but it was fab to get to ‘know’ Bree a little more – fantastic interview, thanks for sharing! I’d love to go to Italy too – here’s to hoping you can tick it off your list one day soon! x

December 30, 2017 11:03
Reply to  Caz

Thank you Caz xx Yes I too love these kind of blog posts also as we share a few other things that we would normally not share on our posts.