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Issue #94: When Healthcare Professionals Validate Your Pain & Chronic Illness is a Full-Time Job

Issue #94: Paying with Pain for Trying to be Normal & Working Full-Time by Managing Our Health. Click to read more or pin to save for later. | | #chronicillness #healthnews #chronicpain #spoonies #awareness

Sat, 28 Jan 2018. Issue #94.

In this issue: It can be a big help when healthcare professionals validate your pain. Smiling a lot to release happy hormones. The different types of tasks service dogs do. Paying with pain for trying to do things that any young adult would. When giving up feels like a better option than endless pain. The many benefits of massage. Cherishing the good moments our health allows us to have. Our journeys and destinations in life are all different. Bravery isn’t about defeating your body. Chronic illness is a full-time job.

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  • Avatar of Stephanie (Complete Communication)

    All of these are so relatable! Thank you for all the awareness you raise for chronic illness!

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