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Issue #107: When People Think You’re Well Just Because You’re Smiling & Easy, Nourishing Meals for the Days When You Just Can’t

Issue #107: When People Think You're Well Just Because You're Smiling & Easy, Nourishing Meals for the Days When You Just Can't. Click to read or pin to save for later. | | #achronicvoice #healthnews #chronicillness #chronicpain #spoonie

Saturday, 28 April 2018. Issue #107.

In this issue: Your vote in the Bloggers Bash would be greatly appreciated! 🙂 What’s worse than living with chronic pain, is when others don’t believe you. There are no benefits to being ill, but we do attract the best kinds of people in the world. A glimpse of what CRPS/RSD is like, also classified as the ‘suicide disease’. What it’s like when healthy people think you’re well just because you’re smiling and laughing. Easy, nourishing meals for the days when you just can’t. Why reading the ingredients label of not just food, but also medications, is important for someone with MCAD or allergies. Taking the power back from chronic pain through writing. A reflection of a past life and what one spoonie misses so much. When your mitral valve prolapses – a once in a lifetime experience with death.

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