10 Things I Liked in July

10 Things I Loved in July |

Things I Sampled or Became an Owner of in July

It was an overwhelming ‘yes’ in this tiny Twitter poll I ran, so here we are with my first edition of ‘Things I Liked This Month’! From fancy fantasies come true to the quiet little pleasures in life, it really is a mix of ‘anything goes’! I’d love to hear your thoughts, not just about the things on this list, but also about the concepts of love, pleasure and joy in general. Happy browsing! 🙂

*Note: This post contains affiliate links. It will not cost you anything to click on them, but I will get a small referral fee from any purchase, which will be used to maintain this blog. Thank you!

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1. Kindle Paperwhite

I wondered if a Kindle would help me to read more books, and I got my answer in July, when my partner gifted me with one! It’s been fun browsing and sampling new books, and to be able to read in the dark without disturbing his sleep. The size is perfect for gripping, and I seem to read at a faster rate as well. It was a surprise though, that not all books are cheaper in the Kindle store, as opposed to their physical copies.

I’m aiming to complete at least two books this month, which is probably a small number for some of you 😉 But I spend way too much time reading short form news and blog articles every day, and would like to alternate that with deep reading as well.

Buy It Here

YuYu Emerald Hot Water Bottle in Emerald | | #achronicvoice #thingsiloved #yuyu #hotwaterbottle

2. YuYu Hot Water Bottle

It’s my latest comfort tool for falling asleep, which is something I struggle with almost every night. I find the warmth relaxing, as I cuddle it like a bolster. I also wrapped it around my waist while going about some household chores during my period, and didn’t need to re-adjust it at all! Read my full review and buy one at a discounted price using the code in this post:

Read Post & Get Discount Code

Homemade bone broth

3. Homemade Bone Broth

I finally got on the bone broth bandwagon, and put our multi-cooker to proper use! It wasn’t as cheap as I thought it’d be to make (why are bones so expensive in Singapore? I hear they’re given out for free in Australia to pet dogs.) Anyway, the taste wasn’t too bad and grew in peppery intensity the longer it sat for, which was great!

My partner and I started on it nice and slow, as it’s never wise to make drastic dietary changes with antiphospholipid syndrome. Unfortunately, I had to undo all the little things that I introduced to my body a week later, as my PSVT (heart rhythm disorder) and other new symptoms developed. I slid down a snake and am back at square one, in that familiar guessing game again.

Antique Blue Mulberry Bayswater Tote | | #achronicvoice #thingsiloved #totebag #mulberrybag

4. Antique Blue Mulberry Bayswater Tote

My sister showed up at my door, and gave me an early Christmas present! Really early, I know, but I don’t mind 😉 I love my old bag, but daily usage for the last couple years has left it bruised and battered. So this was a timely, thoughtful surprise!

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5. Primapore Adhesive Dressings

My elbow injuries have been there for a long time now. What started as a small scrape became a hideous mix of new wounds and old scars. The steroids I take turn my body’s healing system into a clumsy slob, and rubbing it against the table whilst using my laptop doesn’t help either. Regular plasters fall off immediately due to the awkward position.

So I bought a few different plasters to try, including a hydrocolloid one that promotes healing through a moist environment. But I think I like these Primapore ones the best; the medium size is perfect, and they’re fairly discrete. They also stay on all day and night, and doesn’t hurt to remove, which are huge plusses. Here’s to a normal looking elbow again soon!

Buy It Here

Outback BBQ Potato Chips | | #achronicvoice #thingsiloved #potatochips #comfortfood

6. The Australian Natural Snack Company: Outback BBQ Potato Chips

Okay, not exactly the healthiest thing on the list for a health and chronic illness blog, but these were pretty good ? I like trying new stuff including chip flavours, but most of the time they disappoint me. These were a pleasant surprise, yummy!

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7. Institut Esthederm Intensif Hyaluronic Serum

I only began going for regular facials after I was 30, as I thought it was about time to take care of my skin before it was too late! I’ve tried both the Maria Galland and Institut Esthederm facials at Nourish Naturally, and think the latter is better for my skin type. So I thought I’d try their products too, and bought this at an expiring-soon-discount. It’s pretty potent stuff that I only need to use a few times a week, and does a fabulous job for dehydrated or dry skin.

Buy It Here

8. “Secrets of Women” Korean Drama

This was my first full experience with Korean dramas. I used to think that they were overly dramatic and silly, but one day I sat down to watch this with my mum, and thereafter got hooked! The subject matter tends to revolve around the same things in life – money, unrequited or ill-fated love, obsession, power, greed, etc.

Their scriptwriting abilities are impressive. There are no million dollar explosions, fancy visual effects, or anything like that, but it knows which buttons to push in your heart. I found myself cheering certain characters on, even though I already knew what the outcome would be. Having just taken a personal narrative writing course in June, I will say that there’s plenty about scriptwriting I could learn from the Koreans 😉

There are 104 episodes of 30 minutes each! Watch episode 1 here:

P.s. My partner was actually into Korean dramas before me, which I found amusing, but I’ve now joined the club. I just started on a new Netflix series, “Mr. Sunshine”, which he recommended and claims is his favourite Korean drama to date! Set in the early 1900s during the Shinmiyangyo incident, it’s about a boy who escapes to the U.S. from Korea, and a noblewoman activist fighting for independence.

Also, I plan to respond to Tasha’s tag in the Liebster award some time, but I was surprised that Korean dramas were popular in the U.K., too! ;p There are also a few other ways you can watch TV for free, if you don’t have Netflix.

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9. Sleep Affirmations: 200 Phrases for a Deep and Peaceful Sleep

I put this on the wishlist in my “Book Recommendations for Spoonies” post, and it finally arrived! The illustrations are simple but lovely, and the affirmations calming and peaceful. I am someone who likes to be ‘productive’ all day, and sometimes get caught up in that mind trap especially during bedtime. I’ve tried these affirmations out for a couple nights, and I do think they help to nudge my mind in the right direction towards sleep, and to give myself permission to rest.

Buy It Here

P.s. There’s a new release on ‘Morning Affirmations’ now, too!

Scorcher the cockatiel

10. Shower Singalong with My Cockatiel

I have a stuck-on perch in the bathroom for…my cockatiel, Scorcher. He likes to shower with me and whistle along to music, except that he repeats the same riff with every song (an off-tune version of Game of Thrones), while spouting random phrases that he knows.

It so happened that my partner knew the song that came on the Spotify playlist, so there we all were singing along with warm, happy hearts. This unplanned moment will be an endearing memory I carry with me always; the littlest things are really the ones that never grow old or spent!

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  • Avatar of Lorna

    I loved my Paperwhite, gave it to my husband on Prime Day when I ordered the Oasis. But anything is food to read in the dark while he sleeps. That’s why I got mine, too. And I need to try some of that serum.

    • Avatar of Sheryl Chan

      That’s nice of you, it’s a great present to give! 😉 And yes, I’m usually the last to fall asleep, and recently it’s been nice to read a little on the Kindle before falling asleep. The only thing I don’t like it the slow taps and page transitions heh. Yes! Maybe try a small sample first…it’s great for my skin, but we’re all different 🙂

  • Avatar of Deborah Hunter Kells

    Good idea with fave things… gives me ideas!

  • Avatar of Alice

    I will look out for the review of the YuYu hot water bottle – that might even help my neck pain. Fab post!

  • Avatar of Effie

    Love this! I’m doing my top finds on Etsy and Amazon (for arthritis related stuff) but this general every-day life list you got going on its awesome. You have inspired me to create my own haha

  • Avatar of Sue Jackson

    What a fun post, Sheryl! I really like the idea of a favorite things post – well done.

    And I loved hearing about your cockatiel singing in the shower with you! lol That put a smile on my face – must be a fun way to start the day!


    Living with ME/CFS

    • Avatar of Sheryl Chan

      Hi Sue, thank you! I rarely post ‘fun stuff’ on my blog so there we go haha. Yes, my cockatiel is a sticky little cuddle monster 🙂 x

  • Avatar of Kirsten (Graphic Organic)

    That new handbag is so pretty and omg your shower karaoke sessions with your cockatiel is the cutest thing ever!

    • Avatar of Sheryl

      Hi Kristin, yes, I feel like such a lucky girl despite everything, with all the love and kindness showered upon me 🙂 Haha my cockatiel loves singalong sessions – they’re really fun! 😉

  • Avatar of Hege

    I love my Kindle! So much easier on the hands than a book, and I even have a stand for it that I can use when I can’t hold it on my own.

    • Avatar of Sheryl Chan

      Yes it’s nice, light, and easy on the eyes. Loving it so far! 🙂 a stand sounds interesting! I bought a cheap ‘foldable’ cover but I think it doesn’t work that good heh. But anyway, it’s the perfect palm size!

  • Avatar of Tea and Cake for the Soul

    Great idea, I enjoy looking into others lives a little.

  • Avatar of Pamela Jessen

    What a great idea, this top ten list!! Would you mind if I steal it?

    I liked the YuYu Hot Water Bottle. I could really see that being helpful in a number of different ways! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Avatar of chelsea w

    I liked reading this! Thank you for sharing–I’d love to read more of these. I enjoy my Kindle Paperwhite so much. I really like the notes and highlight features, and like you said, being able to read in the dark without it being so bright it wakes everyone else up. I had a Kindle Touch before the Paperwhite and it lasted me yeaaaaaarssss. I read it for hours every day, so I hope to say the same for the Paperwhite.

    • Avatar of Sheryl Chan

      Yay, thanks for the feedback, Chelsea! I was wondering if making lists like these would be ‘useless’, so to speak :p Yes, I think one of my favourite things on that list is the Kindle so far! I thought I’d always always prefer traditional paperbacks, but surprisingly, the Kindle has its merits, too 🙂 Happy reading!

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