HealthLabs: More Than 500 Private Lab Tests Available Across the U.S.

HealthLabs: More Than 500 Private Lab Tests Available Across the U.S. | www.achronicvoice.com

*Note: This post is sponsored by HealthLabs. To be clear upfront, I have never used their services, only because I’m not based in the U.S.. You can read some testimonials here from those who have, however. The purpose of this article is solely to raise awareness on the availability of such resources.

A Wide Array of Lab Tests

HealthLabs is a lab testing service based in the U.S. that prides itself on being fast, private and affordable. They offer an amazing array of tests, over 500 in fact! This includes tests for allergies, celiac disease, fertility, STDs, vitamins, general health and wellness, just to name a few.

They have also partnered with Quest Diagnostics, so there are over 4,000 CLIA-certified lab locations nationwide for you to gain access to.

If the hospital is kind of like your (unwanted) second home, you’ll know that one of the biggest frustrations is how much of our lives are spent waiting around. According to their website, you will not need to fill in tedious paperwork at the lab, once you’ve ordered and confirmed your tests online or by phone. Energy is something we need to ration when living with chronic illnesses, so you’ll be pleased to know that the average time taken for your tests to be done is apparently 10 minutes.

Respect of Your Privacy

HealthLabs does not accept health insurance. What this guarantees is absolute privacy, where the results will not be placed on your medical record. Of course, you can share the results with your own healthcare team if you wish.

Additionally, charges on your credit card will appear as ‘HealthLabs.com’, and no personal or financial information are kept once the services have been completed. They are also HIPAA compliant, which protects your data from unsolicited access, healthcare fraud and abuse. You can read their full privacy promise here.

Fast & Convenient

As a patient who’s worried about new symptoms or who wants answers to health issues, the revelation from a simple blood or urine test can relieve you of some stress. I know this because I live with a blood clotting disorder – antiphospholipid syndrome – and my personal INR testing kit brings me peace of mind whenever I suspect a blood clot or internal bleeding. I am able to make better decisions based on that knowledge.

The labs are open seven days a week, and your test results are usually ready within 24-72 hours. Thereafter you can access them any time on your phone or computer – pretty convenient if you ask me!


This is a big one for most of us with chronic illnesses, as tests are never ‘done and dusted’, and medical bills have a way of adding up quickly. HealthLabs has a 110% price guarantee scheme, so if you find a lower price elsewhere for the same test that you’ve ordered from them, they will match that rate on top of an additional 10% discount.

Further Assistance & Follow Up

If you’re confused by your test results or need to consult an expert, HealthLabs has certified health specialists who can walk you through them and provide any clarification. This is a great service to me, as sometimes all the numbers can look like jargon or gibberish, or you may miss out on certain important details.

As they say, knowledge is power. I would encourage you to read up on the health conditions you’re worried about, and also on the tests themselves. Remember to be careful of your sources however, as misleading information is all over the internet. You may choose not to share the results with your doctor but I would personally do so, as they would probably be able to provide further insight. (Read: Is My Doctor Right for Me?)

I hope that this article was informative in terms of understanding more about private lab testing. Should you have any questions, I’m sure HealthLabs will be happy to assist you via their contact page. All the best!

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Nothing in this review should be taken as medical advice. Always be sure to check with your doctor before you start on any new treatment or protocol, whatever that may be.

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