3 Ways Restful Sleep Can Positively Affect Chronic Ailments

3 Ways Restful Sleep Can Positively Affect Chronic Ailments | A Chronic Voice

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Anyone with even the most basic common sense and general knowledge already knows that sleep is essential to our survival and proper functioning as a human being. However, what a lot of people are not aware of is the fact that restful sleep can actually alleviate symptoms of multiple chronic ailments as well. Read on to know how restful sleep affects each of the following chronic ailments.

Chronic Depression

There are multiple possible causes of chronic depression and some of them are even physiological in nature, but in almost every case, restful sleep invariably helps in improving the symptoms of depression. The thing is that depression and insomnia fuel each other in a cyclical fashion, ruining the mental health of the individual over time. When that cycle is broken by inducing proper sleep with the help of medication, counselling and/or other forms of sleep aides, symptoms of chronic depression are automatically improved.

Chronic Anxiety

GAD, or generalized anxiety disorder, can be devastating for our social lives and it often causes insomnia as a natural side-effect of the constant anxiety. Just as with depression, insomnia fuels anxiety and vice-versa. Once again, when the cycle is broken and the patient is able to get restful sleep at night, there is less anxiety in the morning. While a night’s rest is not exactly a cure for anxiety or even depression, it does make managing the two a lot easier.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain from conditions such as arthritis, migraine, back pain, old injuries and the like is often responsible for keeping people up at night, which further contributes to an aggravated and unrested CNS worsening the pain. It has been found that just as pain relief brings about sound sleep, a restful night of slumber can also bring about pain relief. This happens because of quite a few factors, some of which are stated below.

  • Multiple nights of consecutive deep sleep restores some of the damage in case of injuries
  • Sleep is a stress buster, which reduces the intensity of headaches and back pain
  • A well-rested and stress-free CNS is capable of better handling the pain naturally

Can Ear Plugs and Eye Masks Help?

There are multiple factors that adversely affect one’s sleep and they range from being purely psychological to downright emergency medical conditions. However, studies show that a huge majority of the population sleeps well with an eye mask on. Light is one of the two primary external factors that contribute to sleeplessness, with the other being noise. As a cotton mask stays cool and effectively shuts out the optic nerve from all forms of ambient and direct light, the individual is able to sleep better due to the complete absence of the light disruption that has now become an almost inevitable part of modern life.

Ear plugs are essential if noise is an added external factor that is disrupting sleep, which is usually the situation in urban locations. A combination of the two have been proven to be highly potent in bringing about restful sleep in even the busiest of places.

Do keep in mind that an eye mask and a pair of ear plugs may not be enough to counter insomnia that stems from deeply rooted psychological or physiological problems, rather than external factors such as light or noise exposure. Additional medical diagnosis, treatment via medication and therapy might be required to further improve the quality of sleep in such cases. Nevertheless, it always helps to cut down two of the major external reasons as to why almost no one in developed urban areas can get a proper night’s sleep these days.

*Note: This article is just a rough guide and nothing should be taken as medical advice. Always be sure to check with your doctor before you start on any new treatment or protocol.

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