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Being a Good Travel Partner to Someone with a Chronic Illness

Being a Good Travel Partner to Someone with a Chronic Illness Featured Image

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Traveling with a chronic illness can be painful and uncomfortable. However, with the right support, individuals with chronic illnesses can enjoy long trips without straining too much or worsening their health. This article highlights some tips that can be helpful in becoming a good travel partner to someone with a chronic illness.

Talk to a Doctor before Taking any Trip

You shouldn’t take your relative or friend who is unwell for a journey before you get clearance from your doctor. You should visit the doctor’s office for three key reasons. One, to discuss the condition of the patient, risks of traveling and the measures you should take to ensure they are safe and comfortable. Two, if there are any risk factors in your travel destination, you should tell the doctor and they will determine whether your loved one requires any vaccines before you leave. Three, you need to get enough medication to last the entire trip or until the time you will be able to see another doctor.

Make Comfort a Priority

Ensure that your loved one wears comfortable clothing while traveling. Having a travel pillow and a soft blanket can also add to their comfort. Don’t forget to pick a plane with comfortable seats. Booking your flight early will give you enough time to compare and get the very best for your loved one.

Get Them Healthy Meals and Plenty of Water

This will keep your loved one energized and strong. Healthy foods also contribute to healing and relief. Research hotels in the area you are traveling to in advance and see what they are offering. If your loved one is not comfortable with that, go for an accommodation facility that has a kitchen where you can cook your own food.

Pick Activities and Destinations that are Comfortable for Them

If you are traveling for leisure, pick a destination that your loved one will find both comfortable and fun. Consider safety too. Some activities and environments can worsen health conditions for patients with chronic illnesses. For instance, for a person with arthritis you should choose activities that are joint friendly. Don’t forget to ask for their input when planning your trip unless it is a surprise. If it is a surprise, do your homework well.

Insurance is Essential

Travel and health insurance are essential for both you and your loved one. These will cover trip cancellation, cost of healthcare, emergencies and evacuation. For a prolonged stay in a different country, consider health insurance for expats. This post has detailed information on why you need medical insurance in addition to travel insurance. Note that the terms for each insurer are different and thus you should read the policy document well when picking a cover.

Keep Emergency Contacts Close

Research good doctors you can visit in case of an emergency while away from your home country. Ask your loved one’s doctor for references. They may know someone in your travel destination. Your medical insurance provider can also be in a position to give you a recommendation. Don’t forget to bring along a card showing the health condition of your loved one. And when you go to a hospital in your travel destination, let the doctor know all the meds your patient is taking.

Finally, take good care of yourself and stay safe. The last thing you want is to get sick when you have someone to take care of. Check the safety of the water before you drink it, wash your hands, and if you have to eat street food, ensure it is served hot. When you take good care of yourself, both of you will enjoy your trip.

This list is just a rough guide, and nothing in this review should be taken as medical advice. Always be sure to check with your doctor before you start on any new treatment or protocol.

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