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Issue #188 – #189: When Being in Pain Becomes the Norm & Embracing Mobility Aids as a Young Adult

Issue #188 - #189: When Being in Pain Becomes the Norm & Embracing Mobility Aids as a Young Adult | A Chronic Voice


In Issue #188: Chronic illness is exhausting, even if you’re an optimist. Keeping stress at a minimal level in order to cope with chronic pain. Taking your unwanted identity as a sick person, and transforming it into something useful. An interesting variety of supplement recommendations for chronic pain and fatigue. Be aware that certain products can be physically harmful to people with medical conditions. Invisible pain is real, and leads to mental torment when it becomes unbearable. The struggles with poverty and the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) in the USA. The unfound fear that many people with chronic illness have, when sharing a good day on social media. Finding new things that we can do and new ways to support our loved ones, despite chronic pain. When chronic illness becomes the norm, and you forget what it’s like to be healthy anymore.


In Issue #189: Trying to keep your head above water with suicide ideation. It’s okay to take some time off to grieve, and feel sorry for yourself sometimes. The exertion of taking a shower with ME/CFS, where the pain flare hits only 48 hours later. The unfair judgment of using plastic straws due to chronic pain or disability. Retiring early due to medical reasons is not as fun as you think it is. On top of dealing with the usual mix of adulthood, those with chronic illness also need to worry about pain, fatigue, medical appointments and more. Great gifts and fantastic sponsors in this year’s Grand Christmas Giveaway on A Chronic Voice! One of the best decisions ever as a young adult – embracing mobility aids. How getting a more active dog has helped to improve fitness and mental health of one spoonie. Chronic pain goes beyond physical pain, and affects you as an entire person.

*Note: This article is meant for educational purposes, and is based on each person’s individual experiences and circumstances. It is not to be substituted for medical advice. Please consult your own doctor before changing or adding new treatment protocols.

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