Winners of the Grand Christmas Giveaway on A Chronic Voice!

Winners of the Grand Christmas Giveaway on A Chronic Voice!

We ran eight giveaways over the past 10 days, sponsored by generous people with fantastic products. All winners were selected at random via the Rafflecoptor widget, with bonus entries taken into consideration as well. Take a quick look at the list below to see if you won anything! (Click here to view original post.)

Winners will be contacted via email, and you have until 08 Dec (Sunday), 11pm EST to fill in your mailing info via a Google Form link sent there. Otherwise, another winner will be selected via Rafflecoptor again. Kindly check your spam folder just in case our email landed in the wrong mailbox (we cannot take responsibility for this unfortunately).

*Note: This post contains affiliate links. It will cost you nothing to click on them. I will get a small referral fee from purchases you make, which helps with the maintenance of this blog (approx. $100/month). Thank you!


1. Slick Chicks

1. Amy Gill-Horton
2. Emilee Beaver
3. Kimberly Gifford
4. Denise Ng

2.Thrive Tape

1. Mary Gutierrez
2. Carelia Norton
3. Tammy Marie Schiff

3. Winnie’s Picks

1. Simon Stone

4. YuYu Bottle

1. Kelly Disley
2. Jo Moss
3. Sarah

5. ‘The Chronic Pain Manual’ by Nikki Albert

1. dSavannah
2. Karen Rozmyn
3. Charis Hill
4. Mandy Farmer
5. Kathleen K.

6. ‘Chronic Christmas’ by Lene Andersen

1. Patty Skerl
2. Jodi Reish
3. Kirsten

7. ‘Get Back Into Whack’ by Sue Ingebretson

1. Cassie Creley

8. ‘Take Daily as Needed’ by Kathryn Trueblood

1. Rhonda Butler
2. Tiffany Lynn Whipple

*Note: This article is meant for announcement and educational purposes. It is not to be substituted for medical advice. Please consult your own doctor before changing or adding any new treatment protocols.

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