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February Writing Prompts for People with Chronic Illnesses & Disabilities

February Writing Prompts for People with Chronic Illnesses & Disabilities | A Chronic Voice

I’m entering the month with a pesky cough which isn’t very fun. The COVID swab at the GP came back negative; it was very efficient and they texted me the results the next day. Anyway, what will you be up to this February? We know the pandemic’s going to be a while so if you celebrate Valentine’s Day, what are your plans? Take a peek at the February writing prompts and also a list of awareness dates below, which you can use to incorporate into your linkup entry if you like. I can’t wait to read what you’ve been up to; the good, bad and ugly. We’re in this to support each other in one way or another!

February 2021 Awareness Dates

*Note: This is not a comprehensive list. Let me know if I missed anything out and I’ll add it in!

What The February Writing Prompts are About & How to Participate

The linkups are a monthly get together for anyone with a chronic illness, mental disorder or disability. An opportunity to share, to listen, and to learn from one another through shared writing prompts. I also think it’s a great way to provide insight into life with chronic pain, from many different points of view.

All you have to do is write using at least three of the writing prompts listed below, and publish it on your blog, or to a free writing platform like Medium. Then click on the blue ‘Add Link’ button to add your blog post to this page. Voilà, you’re now part of the linkup party!

A Few Simple Rules to Keep Things Fair for Everyone

  • Only one link submission per website.
  • Do comment on at least two other blog posts in this linkup if you participate. Helping to spread the word on your social media is always appreciated, but not required.
  • Linkups start on the first of every month. There will be five different writing prompts. It will close at the end of each month before midnight. All timings listed are in Singapore time (+8 GMT).
  • Pick at least three of the writing prompts to write about. Five is best, of course! 😉 You can write about your latest experiences with chronic illness, or even turn it into an evergreen blog post.
  • Insert a link to this post when you submit your blog entry for auto verification.
  • Failure to follow these rules might get you blacklisted from future linkups. Let’s keep it fair for all 🙂

Get the February Writing Prompts!

  1. Defining
    Is the year defining you, or are you defining it? Often it can be hard to separate yourself from life’s whims and fancies. It’s true, we don’t really have a grip on life, but we do have options. Perhaps you are defining a new role, routine or boundaries for yourself, your kid or someone else. You could even be having a bit of fun at home with some makeup or clothing, defining facial or bodily features. You could be struggling to understand the definition of certain words or limitations, or defining meaning for yourself.
  2. Allocating
    How are you allocating your spoons this month? Chronic pain, fatigue and all their evil friends do consume quite a bit of resources. You could be allocating your time or focus to specific projects or tasks such as meal prepping, work, blogging, personal projects, finances, investments and more. Being chronically ill does take a bit a lot of planning for everyday life! You could also be allocating resources in your workplace, school, or whichever department you’re in.
  3. Uniting
    With the pandemic going on and on, it’s of paramount importance that we unite to curb this virus. Sadly, we’re doing just about the opposite right now. Pandemic aside, you could be trying to harmonise your mind, body and spirit. Or you could be uniting with certain people, groups or causes (virtually works, too) for fun or for a common goal. You could be trying to unite certain groups of people together, or maybe even just trying to maintain peace and order in a locked up home.
  4. Saving
    You could be saving money, yes. What apps or hacks do you use to do so? What are you saving up for? You could also be saving a treat for later, saving a seat for someone, saving your sanity, saving some compassion for yourself every day, or saving time. Or you could go big – saving a life, the environment, the world!
  5. Educating
    It’s important that we educate ourselves using verified channels and sources in an age where misinformation spreads like wildfire. We need to continue educating others and raising awareness about invisible illnesses, and the impact they have on a human being. We need to keep learning, growing and improving at our own pace, as change is the only constant in life. You could also be a teacher or mentor who’s in charge of educating bright young minds (or even older ones!).

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February Writing Prompts for People with Chronic Illnesses & Disabilities | A Chronic Voice

February Writing Prompts for People with Chronic Illnesses & Disabilities | A Chronic Voice

February Writing Prompts for People with Chronic Illnesses & Disabilities | A Chronic Voice

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Alison Hayes
February 4, 2021 01:00

So excited by your prompts as usual, Sheryl! I’ll be posting on Friday – talking about a project I’m trying to get off the ground, Hours Well Spent!

Katie Clark
February 2, 2021 07:21

I appreciate that you also share the CI awareness dates each month. I’ve been meaning to write about my experience with Pulsatile Tinnitus and just realized that the awareness week is this week. I’ll be using these prompts (and think I can make them work) to talk about Tinnitus and the condition that I have that isn’t really tinnitus (Pulsatile Tinnitus).

Carrie Kellenberger
February 1, 2021 14:08

Terrific prompts, Sheryl! I started your January prompts and ran out of time. I’ll rewrite for your February ones and see what I can come up with.

February 1, 2021 02:38

Ooh, will have to start planning what to write this month. Think it will be pet-related given all the issues my kitty has given me this month!