Mayv, Your Holistic Partner for Chronic Pain Management

Mayv, Your Holistic Partner for Chronic Pain Management

The original post I wrote for Mayv covers the seven dimensions of wellness for chronic pain management. This includes: physical, mental, emotional, social, occupational, spiritual and intellectual wellness. Healing goes beyond physical health, and each of these dimensions matter for totality of a person’s wellbeing.

Chronic pain is often present with chronic illness. Therefore, we need to incorporate self-care strategies into our daily lives to maximise our quality of life.

The post on the dimensions of wellness morphed into a 15,000 worded beast, because there is so much ground to cover on this topic! I have thus broken them up into two linked posts for clarity.

This post showcases Mayv, and how it can serve as your holistic partner and trusty little sidekick for chronic pain management.

The provide a wide array of pain management resources that are holistic in nature, and which you can adapt to as you need. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer together.

*Disclaimer: Whilst this post is sponsored by Mayv, all opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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An Introduction to Mayv

Mayv aims to empower chronic pain patients with knowledge and resources that are holistic in nature. They do not believe that pain management is one-size-fits-all. Every person and the coping strategies they need are unique.

They offer a wide array of pain management tools and resources via their mobile app and website. These resources are all science-based, and more of a guiding light than forceful application. In their own words on the mobile app:

“We believe that only you can determine what’s right for your body, so take the lead and we’ll serve as your trusty companion. There’s never a one-size-fits-all solution, but if we ask the right questions we can curate a path that meets all of your unique needs together.”

As a chronic pain patient myself, I know how important it is to feel validated. I love how warm and inviting their mission statement sounds. (You can read their full mission statement here.)

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Mayv as a Holistic Sidekick for All Dimensions of Wellness
Pain Management Resources on the Mayv Mobile App and Online Platform

The Mayv Mobile App

Currently the Mayv mobile app is divided into four main sections: Learn, Relief, Practice and Heal.

The Mayv Mobile App - Welcome Screen | Learn, Relief, Practice and Heal

Let’s take a look at the tools each of these sections offer for chronic pain management:

  • Learn
    Mayv’s learning section is a step-by-step interactive guide that helps to provide some direction on your journey towards wellness. It starts out with basic introductions so that you know who you’re ‘working’ with.

    You will also learn about the basis for some foundational coping tools for chronic pain, such as mindfulness and how to deal with intrusive thoughts. It has some sleek animations that I love, too.

    As you progress, Mayv encourages you to improve your practice through observation and enhancement of your surroundings, and creating space for yourself to retreat to when in need.

    It also has a section that covers pain and self-identity, which every person with chronic illness faces at some point.

    You can also learn more about chronic stress in this section, as it provides some insight into the physiology, and techniques to manage it.

  • Relief
    This section is meant as a quick tool for when you’re stressed, anxious or feeling down. These tools include: immersive visuals, calming sounds, binaural beats and breathing exercises you can pick and choose from.

    Sometimes when you’re in a highly emotional or mental state, it’s difficult to cope or to even think logically. This is where the Relief section can help, as it directs your attention to something more calming or positive.

    When you have regained your mental footing, you can then pick yourself up, and figure out how to help yourself even better.

  • Mayv Mobile App - Quick Relief Tools - immersive visuals, calming sounds, binaural beats and breathing exercises.

  • Practice
    This section consists of mindful practices you can do on a daily basis or when needed. It currently offers: AM bed yoga, breath awareness, lower back chair yoga and tree meditation. Mayv is also working hard to provide more resources for chronic pain patients, and hopes to build up a thriving community.

    I like how simple and accessible these exercises and practices are. It feels like somebody has finally heard our collective complaints about how so many wellness programmes are so inaccessible, and has done something right!

  • Mayv Mobile App - Mindful Practices

  • Heal
    Finally, Mayv offers tangible products that can help with pain relief and pain management. Their CBD products are all full-spectrum, which retains most of their beneficial qualities. They also come in a variety of forms – balm, softgels and drops – so you can choose one that you’re comfortable with.

    Topical CBD can be soothing and pain relieving for joint and nerve pain. You can apply it on your skin and achy parts as often as you need or want.

    Mayv also combines this application of the balm with a mindful activity on their mobile app, which then unlocks more resources as you go along.

    Softgels and Drops are consumables that can have a stronger pain relieving effect.

  • Mayv Packaging for CBD Drops and Balm

  • Motivation
    One final thing that I absolutely love; sometimes we may know that something, such as a mindful practice, is good for us, yet don’t have the motivation to do it due to a variety of factors. Mayv gamifies their programme a little bit by holding weekly lucky draws, where you can win prizes such as a Thermotex heating pad to add to your pain management toolkit!
  • Mayv Mobile App - Lucky Drawn for Motivation

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The Mayv Mobile App for Holistic Pain Management

The Mayv Platform Online

Apart from their handy mobile app, Mayv’s website also contains a wealth of information and resources for all dimensions of wellness, such as:

  • Ongoing Online Events & Workshops
    I was impressed and excited to find a wide range of online events available on their website. There are all sorts of group classes or workshops for: mental health, mindfulness, movement, nutrition, treatments, lifestyle and more.

    What I like about this is the dedication it shows towards building up a community. And not merely developing a standalone app, or a pre-recorded, one-size-fits-all self-help tool.

    This is your chance to meet new friends who might be seeking to work on the same things as you are within the dimensions of wellness; an opportunity to grow together as a community and to feel supported.

  • A Comprehensive Blog Section
    Mayv doesn’t just have a ‘blog’ section, but blog sections that take equal care to cover all the dimensions of wellness.

    It is written in Mayv’s signature calming, conversational tone. I can only see this little library growing into a useful repository for chronic pain patients over time.

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Mayv, Your Holistic Partner for Chronic Pain Management and All Dimensions of Wellness Infographic

In Conclusion

I really like the approach Mayv takes on pain management; one that is gentle, non-invasive and flexible.

I also like how they approach chronic pain patients as equals and as partners. They trust that you know your body best, and are simply here to provide you with the guidance and tools along the way.

These are qualities that are sorely needed in modern healthcare in general. A good bedside (or ‘app-side’) manner can make a world of difference to someone who’s suffering.

As an aside, the email exchanges I’ve had with the founder, Fahed, and various employees have been outstanding. This is coming from a blogger who receives at least dozens of emails a day from various companies. So I can say that they treated me with respect, patience, and kindness.

A big thank you to Mayv and the people behind it. If you haven’t yet, go check them out via the links below!

Visit Mayv Online Download on the App Store Get It on Google Play

This list is just a rough guide, and nothing in this review should be taken as medical advice. Always be sure to check with your doctor before you start on any new treatment or protocol.

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Alison Hayes
July 1, 2021 19:41

Thank you for this review! Mayv definitely sounds like a company to keep an eye on! I’m not dealing with pain so much, or I would be all over it, but I love the sound of how they are doing things! Finding a supportive community is so important and can feel incredibly difficult. I’m so glad to hear that Mayv may be one of the good ones!

May 30, 2021 06:23

Very helpful and amazing reading about mavy paining management. Thanks for sharing this wonderful reading.

Despite Pain
May 29, 2021 17:21

There are a lot of health apps on the market, but from what I’m reading here, this one looks to be one of the better ones. It sounds impressive. I’d also imagine that the email exchanges you’ve had would be a good indication of what their customer service is like. It’s nice to know about good companies with good products on offer for those of us with chronic pain.

Katie Clark
May 29, 2021 03:18

Thank you for sharing this helpful resource, Sheryl. I’ll check into it! I haven’t yet read your article but am looking forward to its insight.

Caz / InvisiblyMe
May 27, 2021 21:43

This is a comprehensive beast of an article – Mayv did well collaborating with you on this. I love innovative brands making a tangible difference to lives in the chronic illness and pain spheres. I’ve come across brands with apps, and brands with products, but never a brand that combines both. I’d be interested in trying them out, particularly for the calming sounds on the app and drops/softcaps for pain. Fantastic post, Sheryl! xx