Check to See if You’ve Won a Prize From the 2021 Holiday Giveaway!

Check to See if You've Won a Prize From the 2021 Holiday Giveaway!

First – a huge shoutout to all 24 sponsors who made the 2021 holiday giveaway a possibility! Your generosity and support mean a lot to the chronic illness community and to me.

And also a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the 2021 holiday giveaway with enthusiasm! Thank you for helping to spread the word and cheer around! I love it when the community gets together in good spirit.

2021 Chronic Illness Holiday Giveaway Prize Winners - A Big Congrats!

How the Prize Winners Were Selected

There were many of you who participated in a few of the giveaways. But not all of the giveaways had an equal number of participants.

To keep things as fair as possible, I used – which is also what Rafflecoptor uses to select winners – to first pick a sponsor randomly from the numbered list below. After which, I ran the random selector within the corresponding Rafflecoptor to pick the winner(s).

If you’ve already won a prize, then another winner will be picked in the following giveaway, should your name appear again.

Points may be deducted or the entrant disqualified from each holiday giveaway, if they did not fulfil the request or terms properly or fully.

How to Claim Your Prize

I have already sent out an email to all sponsors and winners. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE AN EMAIL FROM ME.

The details that you entered in the holiday giveaway will be sent to the corresponding sponsor as well. They will follow up with you directly on how to claim your prize, or where they can send it to, if it’s a physical prize.

The prize may be forfeited if the winner does not respond to the sponsor within a week after they have made contact. Depending on the sponsor, another winner may be selected. If so, the same procedure as stated above applies to the new winner.

I sincerely hope that everyone had fun, even if you did not win a prize! The kind messages left for each sponsor – whether you won a prize or not – will also be relayed to them.

And now I’ll stop my rambling and reveal the list of winners 😉

An Overview of Our 24 Generous Sponsors Again

List of Holiday Giveaway Prizes & Winners


  1. Tiffany
  2. Jeff L.
  3. Maggie S.
  4. Betsy H.
  5. Libby
  6. Jane M.
  7. Leslie V.
  8. Heather R.
  9. Michele P.
  10. Mary B.
The Bump'n Book of Love, Lust & Disability


  1. Krista H.
  2. Jenn S.
  3. Deena M.
  4. Mikayla O.
  5. April N.


  1. Jennifer P.
  2. Kelly O.
  3. Heather G.
  4. Mel S.
  5. Pam A.
  6. Kimberly G.


  1. Rebecca J Miller
  2. Jennifer W.
  3. j costa
  4. Gabrielly
  5. Lisa A.
  6. Rachel F.
  7. dSavannah
  8. Laura H.
  9. Brianna K.
  10. Ashley B.


  1. Mandi H.
  2. Cheryl S.
  3. Channon D.
Julie Holliday of ME/CFS Self-Help Guru


  1. Katherine I.
MIGA Swimwear - Mio Halter One Piece in Maroon

*Note: Items for this giveaway will only ship mid-January 2022 onwards.


  1. Sarah M. R.
Tabuu pill cases in four colours.


  1. Rhiann J.
  2. Claire S.
  3. Amy
To Better Days: Trial Pack (3 Large, 6 Small Joint Patches)


  1. Kathleen K.
  2. David E.
  3. Dawn H.

Happy Holidays & See You Next Year, Hopefully!

Thank you once again to everyone who made this holiday giveaway happen. I hope that it brought some joy (and maybe pain relief!) into your life this festive season.

I hope to be able to run this event every year, so if you’d like to sign up to be a sponsor already for next year, let me know in the comments below! 😉

A Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all!

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December 15, 2021 05:43

Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into organising this Sheryl and to all the sponsors for generously gifting such a great range of prizes for us. It made my day and put a big smile on my face when I received your email that I’d won a prize 🙂 Thank you so much for helping to bring happiness to us during the holidays 🙂

Carrie Kellenberger
December 13, 2021 14:32

Thank you so much, Sheryl! I don’t know how you do so much at the end of the year, but we sure are grateful for you. I’m aware of how much work this is. I hope you got some special treats for yourself. Have a fantastic holiday season. LNY coming up! (My fave!)