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October 2022 Writing Prompts for People with Chronic Illnesses & Disabilities

October 2022 Writing Prompts for People with Chronic Illnesses & Disabilities

I haven’t hosted one of these in a good while for many reasons. My usable time has shrunk a lot due to chronic pain, commitments and various new activities.

In any case, I felt that it would be a good idea to host these linkups every once in a while. If only to catch up with the online chronic illness community, and see how we’re all doing!

So here we are, already in the last quarter with the 2022 October writing prompts. Scroll down to check out this month’s writing prompts. As always, I hope to read about how you’re doing, and share it with the community as well!

What The October Writing Prompts are About & How to Participate

The linkups are a monthly get together for anyone with a chronic illness, mental disorder or disability. An opportunity to share, to listen, and to learn from one another through shared writing prompts. I also think it’s a great way to provide insight into life with chronic pain, from many different points of view.

All you have to do is write using at least three of the writing prompts listed below, and publish it on your blog, or to a free writing platform like Medium. Then click on the blue ‘Add Link’ button to add your blog post to this page. Voilà, you’re now part of the linkup party!

2022 October Writing Prompts

  • Only one link submission per website.
  • Do comment on at least two other blog posts in this linkup if you participate. Helping to spread the word on your social media is always appreciated, but not required.
  • Linkups start on the first of every month. There will be five different writing prompts. It will close at the end of each month before midnight. All timings listed are in Singapore time (+8 GMT).
  • Pick at least three of the writing prompts to write about. Five is best, of course! 😉 You can write about your latest experiences with chronic illness, or even turn it into an evergreen blog post.
  • Insert a link to this post when you submit your blog entry for auto verification.
  • Failure to follow these rules might get you blacklisted from future linkups. Let’s keep it fair for all 🙂

Get the 2022 October Writing Prompts!

  1. Disabling
    So the dictionary definition of ‘disabling’ is:

    1. “(of a condition or injury) limiting a person’s movements, senses, or activities.”

    2. “having the effect of putting something out of action.”

    Has your life been recently affected in any of those manners? You could also be disabling something quite literally. Or you could share about your experience with disability benefits, and anything disability-related.

  2. Enabling
    In contrast, has anything or anyone in particular been enabling you to do more, to thrive, or to push past your comfort zone? This could come in the form of medications, support in its myriad forms, such as financial or emotional.

    You could also be enabling someone or something whether consciously or otherwise (I know I enable my dog too much with treats…).

  3. Committing
    Have you been struggling to keep certain commitments, and how have you been prioritising them and your time? Or have you taken up new commitments, promised to do something or take a leap of faith?

    Commitments don’t have to be big deeds either; Remember that small commitments to habits, relationships, etc, can make a world of difference, too. The small things are often what make the big things, after all.

  4. Communicating
    Do you have trouble communicating your chronic pain to health professionals, friends and/or family members? Invisible illness can be cruel like that.

    You could be having trouble communicating with your co-workers, classmates, or various people in society. I know I hate communicating via phone calls, yet they seem unavoidable especially when you’re chronically ill.

    You could also be trying to get through to somebody, due to personality or age differences, a medical condition, or something else. It could even be trying to communicate with your pet, your inner child, the dead (okay – please don’t try that) – the possibilities for communication can take on many forms!

  5. Reinventing
    Have you been experimenting and reinventing yourself of late? It could come in many forms – hairstyle, makeup, fashion, habits, lifestyle, way of thinking and whatnot.

    You might be trying to reinvent the wheel (or avoid doing so) at work, at home, with your self-care plans and more.

    You could also be reimagining your future by making changes to your present life. After all, your life story isn’t over yet, and you’re still the author of your own book.

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Erin Butts
October 19, 2022 07:32

Hey there! I forgot to mention that unfortunately for my post for the October linkup, people are unable to comment on the blog post unless they are Wix site members.

Sheryl Chan
November 2, 2022 18:54
Reply to  Erin Butts

Oh drats! I tried to comment too but wasn’t able to. It was a good post though – thank you so much for joining us and sharing 😀 Always so good to hear from new people.

Carrie Kellenberger
October 18, 2022 15:34

Thanks so much for bringing it back, Sheryl! Great prompts for this month and I’m glad I was able to get one entry out for you (at least) in 2022.

Sheryl Chan
November 2, 2022 20:17

I love you for that, Carrie! Thank you for the support. Your post was insightful and also helpful to many others I’m sure 🙂

Anne Sweet
September 29, 2022 21:43

It’s good to see you back Sheryl, I hope things are improving for you. I will write up a post for October, I have missed linking up and catching up with everyone x

Sheryl Chan
September 30, 2022 00:52
Reply to  Anne Sweet

Yay… I would love to catch up with you and see what you’ve been up to! Looking forward and excited to reading your entry!