Issue #228: Self Compassion is it Root of Self-Care & We Have the Right to Understand What Our Treatments Do as Patients

Friday, 28 August 2020. Issue #228. In this issue: Simply being there for someone in pain can mean the world to them. Expanding the Chronic Illness Social Pod together as a team. Twitter can be great for advocacy issues, and it can be encouraging to see chronic illnesses recognised and campaigned for. Positivity can become […]

Gifts I Love (but are Dangerous for Others & What to Give Instead) | A Chronic Voice

I’m a big fan of samples, which makes Christmas gifts or other exchanges a pleasure. I love trying out new textures, sniffing new scents, and figuring out if the latest product on the block is a fad or of true value. Yet, samples might be some people’s worst nightmare, and I’m not speaking solely from […]

An Experience from Hell: Thromboembolism From Antiphospholipid Syndrome

A Careless Diagnosis: Muscular Cramp Instead of Thromboembolism “It’s just a muscular cramp.” The general practitioner I saw dismissed my intense pains with a swift diagnosis. He gave me some muscle relaxants and sent me limping off. Meanwhile, a monstrous pulmonary embolism gathered in size and strength as multiple DVTs from my Antiphospholipid Syndrome fed […]