An Honest Review: Write! App for Distraction-Free Writing

An Honest Review: Write! App for Distraction-Free Writing | A Chronic Voice

I received a free license for Write, an exciting new writing app on the market! Let’s see how it can improve your writing process with this honest review.


Font and Background Settings

There is a nice selection of font types and sizes to suit your preferences and needs. I love that the settings apply across the system, so you don’t have to reset it for every new document.

There is also a light and dark background mode. I found the dark background soothing for my eyes when staring at the screen at night, while the white was great for daytime writing.

Clean Interface

When they say ‘clutter-free’ interface, they really mean it! It’s like a plain sheet of paper, except in digital format. This invokes a soothing frame of mind, which helped me to focus on the task at hand without any distractions.

If you’re a frontend developer who uses a framework to code, you’ll notice the interface similarities with Sublime Text. The quick access navigator and clean, flat interface reminded me most of it.

Shortcut Keys & Auto Format

I’m a huge shortcut key fan, so this is the biggest win for me. There are shortcut keys for all tasks related to writing efficiency. Adjust spacing, set titles and subtitles, etc. There is also auto-formatting to help you out with those long words, so you can write even faster.

Data Feedback

Write tracks some simple data, such as words per day, characters per minute, and minutes taken to read your document. I found this more interesting than anything else, but it does have its uses. For example, if you’re working on your writing speed, or are looking to publish something that is of the ‘perfect’ reading length, this is handy.

Blog & Tips

They maintain a nice and tidy blog of writing tips and tricks, which is always a good thing to see for any product or brand. I’ve added their blog to my daily news feed, to learn more about writing for social media and emails.

Text Formatting Retention

Have you ever had this problem, where copying and pasting text from another source messes up the formatting? I hate it, and am delighted that it doesn’t do that in Write!

Direct Publishing to Medium

Write has an interesting feature which allows you to publish your piece directly to Medium. However, I found it easier to copy and paste for now due to picture formatting issues. The tags also seemed a little funky. I have no doubt that this feature can only become more useful in future, though!

Paragraph Focus

It has a nice feature, where you can autofocus on the current paragraph that you’re working on with a shortcut key. This might be a useful feature for some of you, who want an added boost of focus!


No Mobile or Browser Editting

Write syncs your writing across computer platforms in your cloud account, but there is no mobile access yet. It also has no browser version for online edits, so you have to write everything within a downloaded app. This may or may not be an issue for you.

No Collaborative Features

Write is for your own personal writing, and has no collaborative features. For example, you can’t let someone else comment or edit your work. Perhaps that is exactly what they mean to do as a writing app, but writing often goes through many layers of editting, both by you and others.

No Accessibility Options

There are no accessibility options for the disabled, such as those who are deaf of blind. There is no ‘speaking’ functionality (I don’t use this, but you might), so you will have to type everything manually.


Fun Aesthetics

It has some fun tools, such as typewriter sound effects, which may brighten up your writing process!

Local or Cloud Selection

You can choose to have your document only present on your local machine, or stored in the cloud. You can also control which of the documents you want to share with others. This is pretty much a standard requirement for most apps these days!


Write costs USD14.95, which is a decent price for any app.


The best way to describe Write would be a ‘writing framework’. While I didn’t find that it increased my own writing productivity, its interface is great for visual focus. You might want to consider purchasing this product if you like interface consistency and controls!

Download it from:

Here is also a list of other writing apps that other writers use online for comparison. Some are meant for heavyweight writing such as novels, and might be overkill if you just want to blog:
750 Words

Whatever framework (or no framework!) you choose to use, I wish you all the best in your writing endeavours!

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I received a free license for Write, an exciting new writing app on the market! Let’s see how it can improve your writing process with this honest review. |A Chronic Voice
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