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October 2020 Linkup Party for People with Chronic Illnesses

October 2020 Linkup Party for People with Chronic Illnesses | A Chronic Voice

Hello and Welcome to the October Linkup!

October is a lovely season, don’t you think? Although it’s summer year round here in Singapore, I like to imagine the beautiful seasonal changes in other places. It’s pumpkin season (secret: I don’t really like pumpkins except for creamy pumpkin soups – is that blasphemous? Sorry 🙁 ), pumpkin spice everything, and Halloween for those who celebrate it.

I think these autumn quotes sum up the season perfectly, and I hope they inspire you, or make you smile, too:

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus

“October, the extravagant sister, has ordered an immense amount of the most gorgeous forest tapestry for her grand reception.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

“October is a symphony of permanence and change.” – Bonaro W. Overstreet

“It’s the first day of autumn! A time of hot chocolatey mornings, and toasty marshmallow evenings, and, best of all, leaping into leaves!” – Winnie the Pooh

“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.” – Unknown

“How beautiful the leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days.” – John Burroughs

“October’s poplars are flaming torches lighting the way to winter.” – Nova S. Blair

“May the start of October remind you: You are worthy of new beginnings.” – Morgan Harper Nichols

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"October is a symphony of permanence and change." - Bonaro W. Overstreet
"Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go." - Unknown

October 2020 Awareness Dates:

*Note: This is not a comprehensive list. Let me know if I missed anything out and I’ll add it in!

What It’s All About

It is a monthly get together for anyone with chronic illnesses. An opportunity to share, to listen, and to learn from one another. I also think it’s a great way to provide insight into life with chronic pain, from many different points of view. All you have to do is write a short excerpt for at least three of the listed prompts, and publish it on your blog. Then click on the blue ‘Add Link’ button below to add your blog entry here. Voilà, you’re now part of the party!

A Few Simple Rules:

  1. Only 1 link per website.
  2. Do comment on at least 2 other blog posts in this linkup if you participate. Helping to spread the word on your social media is always appreciated, but not required.
  3. This linkup starts on the 1st of every month. There will be 5 different prompts. It will close at the end of each month before midnight. All timings listed are in Singapore time (+8 GMT).
  4. Pick at least 3 of the prompts to write about. 5 is best, of course! 😉
  5. We also ask that you share this main link to at least one of your social media outlets within the same month.
  6. Failure to follow these rules might get you blacklisted from future linkups. Let’s keep it fair for all 🙂

Prompts for the Month

  1. Producing
  2. What are you producing this month, or has your production schedule been hindered by chronic pain or some other roadblock? You could be producing new blog posts, projects, crafts or recipes. Or you could be producing results for yourself or for someone else.

  3. Acquiring
  4. What do you plan to acquire or have been acquiring this month? It could be a new skill, knowledge or wisdom. Or it could be a new comorbidity, symptoms or disease 🙁 You could also be acquiring new physical assets or supplies.

  5. Switching
  6. You could be having a hard time switching off your digital devices and social media (like me, ahem), or you could be switching to a new diet, doctor, healthcare provider, therapist, or even mobile phones, providers, computers and devices. Other things you might be switching up are your routines – perhaps your morning, sleep, schooling and/or work routine.

  7. Disappointing
  8. Is there anything that you’ve been disappointed with this month? I know that those in the UK must be frustrated with the second lockdown. How do you feel about that? Perhaps you’re feeling disappointed with yourself or a loved one in some way. Or disappointed with certain medical test results, doctors, or people. You could also be disappointed by certain unmet promises, or something you had bought for pain management, personal or work use.

  9. Forming
  10. Are you forming any new habits or routines this month? Perhaps you are forming yourself up and strengthening yourself in some way, or forming new online, Zoom or offline groups. Perhaps a book club, chronic illness advocacy or hobby group. (CISP recently set up our Instagram account featuring spoonies like you and me btw. Just submit your picture and description to our email to be featured, too 🙂 ) You might also be forming new cliques, friendships, or even enemies.

So that’s our five writing prompts for the October Linkup – I certainly look forward to having you with us, whether you’re a regular linkup participant or new. Everyone is welcome here and we’re always excited to make new friends and connections in the chronic illness community 🙂 Stay safe and have a happy season!

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October 2020 Linkup Party for People with Chronic Illnesses | A Chronic Voice

October 2020 Linkup Party for People with Chronic Illnesses | A Chronic Voice

October 2020 Linkup Party for People with Chronic Illnesses | A Chronic Voice

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October 30, 2020 07:36

Thank you for hosting! Yet another great post from you this month. 🙂

Katie Clark
October 5, 2020 01:51

I love the quotes. I hope it’s all right with you that I’m using about 4 in my link-up post:)

Laura Mckee
Laura Mckee
October 5, 2020 00:03

Hi, I cannot find the blue link to add my blog to this linkup. Please can you help?

Sheryl Chan
October 5, 2020 01:13
Reply to  Laura Mckee

Hi Laura are your browser cookies disabled? If so you can submit via this page too 🙂

Laura Mckee
Laura Mckee
October 5, 2020 16:12
Reply to  Sheryl Chan

Thank you Sheryl, yes they were. I’ve found the button to sort that now. Looking forward to joining in.