Not a Big Deal, Until You Experience it for Real | A Chronic Voice

Many chronic conditions are often overlooked because they don’t sound that painful or difficult to deal with. The person may even look well! Are they just craving attention, being lazy or faking it? Before experiencing these symptoms for myself, I too, have been guilty of ignorant and unkind thoughts within the privacy of my mind. […]

Issue #47: When it isn't Cancer, the Painful Tricks of Anxiety & More! | A Chronic Voice

Saturday, 04 Mar 2017. Issue #47. In this edition: Settling a common question once and for all – would you date a chronic illness person? My comforting chocolate supply pre-surgery. General knowledge in honour of Rare Disease Day (end Feb annually). Paying attention to diet for rewarding health benefits. The ever-popular chronic illness linkup party […]

Issue #46: Raw Confessions of Chronic Pain, Using Music to Inspire Strength & More! | A Chronic Voice

Saturday, 25 Feb 2017. Issue #46. In this edition: Chronic illness linkup party hosted by Unbroken Smile (it’s over but there’s still great content there)! Thought-provoking quotes on self awareness and respect. Raw confessions of a person living with chronic pain. Perspective on talking openly about illness in society. A heartbreaking yet hopeful story on […]

Issue #45: Funny Depictions of 'Real' Disability, Illness as Art & More! | A Chronic Voice

Saturday, 18 Feb 2017. Issue #45. In this edition: Be aware of the possibilities out there and adapt. Appreciate the simple (and best!) things in life. We all have our own issues to work on, whether we are ill or well. How it feels when you receive diagnosis after diagnosis. A short poem on what […]

Issue #44: Being Ill Around Healthy People, What Home Means & More! | A Chronic Voice

Saturday, 11 Feb 2017. Issue #44. In this edition: The occasional human interaction needed for our mental wellbeing. Thank you to my Twitter friends! What’s it like being chronically ill around healthy people? Free cinema entry for caregivers in the UK. Don’t you want to go back to work? What does home mean? Raynaud’s (winter) […]

A Chronic Voice: Every Next Level of Your Life Will Demand a Different You

“Every next level of your life will demand a different you.” – Leonardo DiCaprio – We often believe that we must remain true to ourselves throughout our lives. But there is a crucial difference between being true, and being intractable. Sometimes we avoid certain activities or thoughts because we think, ‘nah, this is not me’. […]

Issue #4aIssue #43: Top Health Tweets of the Week2: Top Health Tweets of the Week

Saturday, 04 Feb 2017. Issue #43. In this edition: For those in places where it’s legal – a great review by @meglewellyn, on cannabis options for chronic pain relief. Everyday scenarios we’re not sure how to be polite about. How to really support those who are suffering. How to develop healthy habits despite circumstances. The […]

A Chronic Voice: 4 Everyday Scenarios We’re Not Sure How to be Polite About and Why

There are many things that healthy people do because, well, it’s pretty normal to do so. Yet such actions might be detrimental to a person with a compromised or weak immune system. This includes people with chronic or terminal illnesses, the young, pregnant and old. Not all the following scenarios are wrong per se, and […]

Issue #42: Common Words Translated into Chronic Illness Speak & More!

Saturday, 28 Jan 2017. Issue #42. In this edition: Trekking through difficult paths to reach the fulfilling moments. 15 words that take on a different meaning with chronic illness. The incredible strength of those struggling with dark thoughts. Quotes on happiness and encouragement. The connection between lyme disease and the heart. The frightening effects of […]

Issues #41: | A Chronic Voice

Saturday, 21 Jan 2017. Issue #41. In this edition: How to dress for a wheelchair or crutches. Why humour is great as a coping mechanism. Travelling the chronic illness way. A reminder to be true to ourselves in order to attract the right people into our lives. Free inspirational wallpapers for the year ahead. Reminders […]

Issues #40: Carrie Fisher’s Prozac Shaped Urn, Celebrating the Little Things & More! | A Chronic Voice

Saturday, 14 Jan 2017. Issue #40. In this edition: Carrie Fisher’s prozac shaped urn, in memory of her bipolar disorder and advocacy. The most important thing you can do for those living with chronic pain. Celebrating the little things our body *can* do. Uplifting quotes. #besideChronicBedside – what emergency supplies do you keep by your […]