A Chronic Voice: 4 Everyday Scenarios We’re Not Sure How to be Polite About and Why

There are many things that healthy people do because, well, it’s pretty normal to do so. Yet such actions might be detrimental to a person with a compromised or weak immune system. This includes people with chronic or terminal illnesses, the young, pregnant and old. Not all the following scenarios are wrong per se, and […]

Issue #42: Common Words Translated into Chronic Illness Speak & More!

Saturday, 28 Jan 2017. Issue #42. In this edition: Trekking through difficult paths to reach the fulfilling moments. 15 words that take on a different meaning with chronic illness. The incredible strength of those struggling with dark thoughts. Quotes on happiness and encouragement. The connection between lyme disease and the heart. The frightening effects of […]

Issues #41: | A Chronic Voice

Saturday, 21 Jan 2017. Issue #41. In this edition: How to dress for a wheelchair or crutches. Why humour is great as a coping mechanism. Travelling the chronic illness way. A reminder to be true to ourselves in order to attract the right people into our lives. Free inspirational wallpapers for the year ahead. Reminders […]

Issues #40: Carrie Fisher’s Prozac Shaped Urn, Celebrating the Little Things & More! | A Chronic Voice

Saturday, 14 Jan 2017. Issue #40. In this edition: Carrie Fisher’s prozac shaped urn, in memory of her bipolar disorder and advocacy. The most important thing you can do for those living with chronic pain. Celebrating the little things our body *can* do. Uplifting quotes. #besideChronicBedside – what emergency supplies do you keep by your […]

Issue #39: Top Health Tweets of the Week | A Chronic Voice

Monday, 09 Jan 2017. Issue #39. In this edition: A look at a serious Lyme co-infection, Babesia, and another journey that took 25 years for a diagnosis. Reflections and goals for the new year. Reconnecting with your passion, despite disability. How to fake pain. Carrie Fisher on LSD, death and sex with Hans Solo. Mindful […]

A Chronic Voice: #besideChronicBedside: What's by Your Bedside?

Join Me in Populating the Hashtag: #besideChronicBedside I started a little hashtag, which I hope sounds somewhat catchy! #besideChronicBedside (currently blank; I need your help to get it going!) captures the everyday lives of those with chronic illness, with a quick shot of their bedside tables. We all keep little objects beside us, things that […]

Issue #38: Top Health Tweets of the Week | A Chronic Voice

Sunday, 01 Jan 2017. Issue #38. In this edition: Insight into coping with chronic illness, especially over the lively holiday period. Also encouragement for those who are feeling blue instead of festive. Inspiring story of humanity – Muslims who are feeding the homeless and elderly on Christmas. The unofficial emoji for condoms and safe sex. […]

Issue #37: Top Health Tweets of the Week | A Chronic Voice

Saturday, 24 December 2016. Issue #37. In this edition: It’s the season for inspirational quotes it seems, and we have lots of that for you this week! A wonderful talk by a woman with dystrophy and Marfan syndrome; society condemned her, she changed the tune of that story. The lifelong grieving that comes with permanent […]

Issue #36: Top Health Tweets of the Week | A Chronic Voice

Saturday, 17 December 2016. Issue #36. In this edition: Inspirational quotes were hugely popular. Great tips to beat the winter blues, and gift ideas to enhance wellbeing. Be helpful, not harmful with what you share online. Life lessons from the people who live with chronic problems. What it’s like when no medication works expect for […]

A Chronic aAre You a Capable Person? What Does That Even Mean? | A Chronic VoiceVoice: What is Capability, Really?

The Modern Day Definition of Capability One of the definitions of the word ‘capable’ yields, “having power and ability; efficient; competent”. How does modern society perceive this? Perhaps you might picture a powerful woman, who not only leads a multinational corporation, but also has three kids, a dog and runs half marathons on a regular […]