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365 Mindfulness Journaling Prompts for Self-Improvement

365 Mindfulness Journal Prompts for Self-Improvement (Background: A girl looking up towards the moon and holding it with a string as if it were a balloon. The sky is dark yet filled with many stars, and brilliant light streams down upon her from the moon.)

A Note from A Chronic Voice

I’d like to thank Chloe of “Nyxie’s Nook” for these 365 mindfulness journaling prompts for self-improvement. Journaling is a fantastic activity and tool to help unlock pieces of your heart, mind and soul that are ‘stuck’, so to speak. I personally use a digital app, Daylio, to log snippets of my day with a photo, like a mini diary. I started doing so as suggested by my psychiatrist, to see where my anxiety triggers lie. Whilst it’s not a symptom diary, I would say that I enjoy scrolling through these snippets to see how my life has progressed.

In this post, Chloe shares 365 mindfulness journaling prompts for self-improvement – yes, prompts that you can use all year round! Whilst you may not journal every day – which is normal – it’s still nice to have a repository of ideas to help stimulate personal growth and work on self-improvement, even if it’s in bits and pieces. Let’s read what Chloe has to share today!

*Disclaimer: This article is meant for educational purposes and is based on the author’s personal experiences. It is not to be substituted for medical advice. Please consult your own doctor before changing or adding any new treatment protocols.

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365 Mindfulness journaling Prompts for Self-Improvement (Background: 3 girls of different ethnicities looking happy at the bottom left corner. The one on the left has her hand raised up in a victory sign.)
365 Mindfulness Journaling Prompts for Self-Improvement (Background: Candles and dried plants)

A Note from Chloe of “Nyxie’s Nook”

When I made the decision to take my Anorexia Nervosa recovery seriously, I began looking into ways for self-improvement and personal growth. I was coming out of, what I would describe – a long-term toxic relationship with self-neglect. I suffered from various mental and physical illnesses as a result of that. After I lost my dream job, I knew that things had gone too far. It was time that I took back control of my own life.

I went for therapy and treatment for Anorexia Nervosa, which is an insidious mental illness that is often downplayed by society. I attended all the group meetings, and even did additional work for self-improvement at home.

When I Began Journaling for Self-Improvement

It was during this time that I put my love for writing into practice, and began journaling. I was able to transform my troubles into words, and found a safe space within the many pages of my journal. I shared some of these thoughts and revelations with my therapist but not everything, and that’s okay. After all, journaling is a mindful and private practice, and what’s written within those pages belongs to you, first and foremost.

When I discovered mindfulness and its many benefits, it was only natural that I incorporated those into my journaling practice. It helped me to dive deeper into difficult questions that I had pushed into a corner of my mind for too long.

How Mindfulness Journaling Can Help You

You see, mindfulness gives us the tools to help increase self-awareness and our emotional intelligence. It helps us to connect with our thoughts, feelings and experiences without judgement. From there, we can begin to work on personal growth, through the identification of root causes and triggers. More importantly, being mindful can subsequently help with how we react to things, and build up resilience to manage this thing called life.

How These 365 Mindfulness journaling Prompts Can be Used for Self-Improvement

According to Mayo Clinic:

“Mindfulness is a type of meditation in which you focus on being intensely aware of what you’re sensing and feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment. Practicing mindfulness involves breathing methods, guided imagery, and other practices to relax the body and mind and help reduce stress.”

Some of the keywords for mindfulness are: Sensation, awareness, presence and release. The primary purpose isn’t to solve problems, make judgements or to take action. It’s a focus on the here and now, and to allow thoughts and feelings to come and go, rise and fall. It isn’t about detachment from these feelings or thoughts, but rather, detachment from judgement and interpretation, which can be unhelpful at ‘best’, and destructive at worst.

By doing so, you can uncover repressed emotions, truths and even feel less stressed. No matter where you are on your recovery or journaling journey, mindfulness can help you to work towards your goals with self-compassion, self-love, and self-awareness.

These 365 mindful journaling prompts for self-improvement have been pieced together in a manner that provokes thought, rather than to force you to come to a conclusion about something in your life. You can use them as catalysts for those days when you feel like you have nothing to write about, or are facing a mental block. You can also expand or adapt them to fit your own journaling style, and to the circumstances of your life.

I’ve tried to divide the prompts to revolve around the calendar year, as each season comes with its own beauty and challenges. But that doesn’t mean that you have to follow any particular order either – do what feels best and right for you. Take a look at the 365 mindfulness journaling prompts for self-improvement below, and let me know if any of these helped you with your reflection and journaling practice!

365 Mindfulness journaling Prompts for Self-Improvement:

January (Theme: New Beginnings)

Special Days: New Year

  1. Happy New Year! What is one big or small goal that you’d like to achieve by the end of the year? Can you visualise how you’ll feel once you’ve reached that milestone?
  2. What is one thing you can commit to today, so that your near or distant future self will thank you for?
  3. What do you hope to reinforce through this journaling practice? It could be as simple as creating a new helpful routine, or as deep as doing inner work and learning more about yourself.
  4. What are you excited about right now or of late? It could be an upcoming holiday, or simply taking some downtime at the end of a long day.
  5. What is your favourite quote (or three!), and how does it inspire or comfort you?
  6. What are you able and willing to let go of this week? It can be a small thing, such as not tidying the entire house due to chronic pain, or a big thing, such as forgiving someone who has done you wrong.
  7. When do you feel most energised? Perhaps a certain time or day, in solitude, or in company? How can you use that energy for yourself and the greater good?
  8. Do you have a dream that is achievable yet unfulfilled? Dream about it a little more today! And if you have the right energy, perhaps write a few actionable steps that you can do to achieve this.
  9. What do you value most in life? Are you standing by these values and how so? If you aren’t, how can you realign yourself with them?
  10. List three things you can do this year to take better care of your physical health. They can be small things, such as doing a few morning stretches, or a bigger thing such as eating healthier dinners.
  11. List three things you can do this year to take better care of your mental health. It can be as small as saying a positive affirmation every morning, or something a bit bigger such as going to see a psychologist for any mental health issues.
  12. List three things you can do this year to take better care of your emotional well-being. It can be a small thing such as creating a peaceful night routine, or something that you find harder, such as setting personal boundaries.
  13. What would you do if you had an extra hour every day, and why?
  14. What skill(s) would you most like to learn or build upon, and what does that mean to you?
  15. In expansion of yesterday’s journaling prompt, how could you learn or build those skills?
  16. What was your biggest mistake in life, and what did you learn? How can this lesson help you in future?
  17. What will you do today that will benefit you tomorrow? (If you’re journaling at night, then the day after!)
  18. What’s something you will regret not doing? Will you do it eventually, and how will you get there?
  19. Bad moods happen. When you feel like you’re in one of those moods, how can you turn things around?
  20. What is your dream destination and why? Who would you like to accompany you on that trip?
  21. What is something you would attempt to do, if your health and circumstances permitted you to?
  22. What was your big win for the day? It could be seemingly simple yet hard, such as getting out of bed whilst in pain. Or something big, such as speaking at a public conference!
  23. How do you respond to crises or emergencies? How can you improve on that?
  24. Think about a controversial issue or opinion that you feel strongly about. Now write something defending the opposite. How did that make you feel and did you learn anything about yourself or others?
  25. What kind of an adult did you want to become as a child? Are you that person now or better? If you’re not where you want to be, what steps can you take to work towards it?
  26. What was your dream job as a child and why? Are you working in that line of work now, and is it everything you thought it would be?
  27. Describe yourself in 10 words. Do you like what you see? If you don’t, why and how can you change that for the better?
  28. What’s your deepest secret desire? What stops you from revealing it to others?
  29. What helps you stay focused when you feel your mind wandering off?
  30. What is something in your life that you don’t do enough of, but think you should?
  31. Success is not necessarily related to career or finances. What does success mean to you? How can you have a healthier perspective of success?

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January Mindful Journal Prompts

February (Theme: Loving Kindness)

Special Days: Valentine’s Day

  1. List five things that you love about yourself. If you come up blank, then imagine that you’re your own best friend who’s listing these things down.
  2. What does unconditional love mean to you? Would you like to give and receive more of that in your life? Why or why not?
  3. What do you love most about your body? It could be your eyes, how hard it works for you every day, or even your scars.
  4. How do you show love and support to a friend in need?
  5. What are some forms of support you wish your friends or family would show you more of?
  6. What is one thing you can do to show love to someone who matters today? It can even be someone who is in general need, because every life is precious.
  7. What are three things you love about life in general?
  8. What are three things you love about your own personal life?
  9. What is your love language? How do you like to be shown love from others, and does this change depending on the type of relationship (romantic, platonic, familial, etc)?
  10. What does familial love look like to you?
  11. What does platonic love look like to you?
  12. Who is your favourite person in the world? Furry companions count!
  13. List 10 acts of kindness that someone has done for you. They can be simple or elaborate!
  14. Happy Valentine’s Day! What does romantic love look like to you?
  15. Are you happy in your current romantic relationship? Is there anything you can do to deepen that bond? If you aren’t in a romantic relationship right now, what does intimacy look like to you?
  16. Is there someone whom you’ve lost in your life and miss? Write a letter in memory of them.
  17. What is your most cherished possession, and what significance does it hold?
  18. Who fully understands and ‘gets you’ as a person? Why do you think that is?
  19. What are you passionate about in life, and how can you follow that passion?
  20. If you were speaking to your body, what wonderful things would you tell it?
  21. What are three things you look for in a relationship?
  22. Think back to yesterday’s prompt. What are three positive or unique things you bring to every relationship?
  23. What are your pitfalls as a friend or partner? Be honest! How can you work on improving these?
  24. Are there any relationships in your life that could do with improvement? Why do you think that is, and how can you attempt to make things better?
  25. Which relationships drain you? Why? What characteristics of those relationships feel unhealthy?
  26. Are you different from your parents? How so, and how has this impacted your relationship?
  27. What is your least favourite thing about yourself? Why is that?
  28. Thinking back on yesterday’s prompt, how can you change your perception of that quality or attribute?
  29. (Leap year!) “I am valuable and I see my value in…”

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365 Days - Journal Prompts for February. Theme - Loving Kindness.

March (Theme: Transformation & Empowerment)

Special Days: Good Friday, Easter & Start of Daylight Savings

  1. What gives you strength, especially when the going gets tough?
  2. What was the event where you think you showed the most courage in your entire life?
  3. What negative thought patterns do you want to break, and how do you think you can start to do so?
  4. What is something you need to be truthful to yourself about, and how do you think being honest with yourself can be helpful?
  5. If you celebrate Easter, what do you enjoy most about the holiday? If not, what is your favourite thing about spring time? Or you can answer both! (Read about surviving Easter with an eating disorder here.)
  6. What would your perfect day consist of? Are you able to re-imagine and create such a day within your capacity and environment?
  7. “Today I believe that I can…”
  8. What does having self-confidence mean to you?
  9. When did you last feel helpless, and how did you cope with it?
  10. “My top goal(s) for this week are…”
  11. When it comes to learning, how do you best go about it? Are you a visual, audio, tactile learner or something else?
  12. What inspires you to take positive action?
  13. It’s important that you forgive yourself in order to move forward with more freedom. What will you forgive yourself for today?
  14. What is your favourite mantra or affirmation, and how does it make you feel?
  15. What do you envision in your future? Can you imagine a more empowered one?
  16. What are your best qualities, and how can you use this to create a better life?
  17. What do you want to improve on? It can be a hobby, skill or personal trait.
  18. What does productivity mean to you, and when are you most productive?
  19. When did you last break a rule? How did you feel and what were the consequences (if any)?
  20. Which teacher, professor or mentor had a real impact on your life? Was it good or bad? Why?
  21. Who else in your life has left a lasting impact, and for what reasons?
  22. What is your greatest fear and why? How can you work towards overcoming it?
  23. What is something that you avoid at all costs, or until you absolutely have to? Is that a healthy or unhealthy thing to do?
  24. Think about your most embarrassing experience and write about it. Push through feeling uncomfortable about it.
  25. What’s something you wish you had known 10 years ago?
  26. When you leave this world, what do you want to be most remembered for?
  27. What was important to you 5 years ago that no longer is? How come? What’s changed?
  28. What recent challenges have you overcome, and how did that make you feel?
  29. Write about a time you stepped out of your comfort zone. What did it bring you?
  30. Think about a time you completely changed your views on something. What was it and why the change of heart?
  31. How can you brighten someone else’s day? Is this something you can do every day or often?

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March Journaling Prompts. Theme - Transformation and Empowerment

April (Theme: Imagination, Creativity & Hope)

  1. If you were to write a book about your life, what would the title be? And why should people read it?
  2. What 5 – 10 things remind you of spring time?
  3. What do you imagine a perfect society would look like?
  4. What would your dream vacation consist of?
  5. What does creativity look like to you?
  6. Building off yesterday’s prompt, do you think you are a creative person, and why or why not?
  7. What is one good intention you can set for yourself today or tomorrow?
  8. Laughing is good for your health! Write down three things that never fail to make you laugh.
  9. What kind of humour do you enjoy the most? What is it that you like about such humour the most, and do others around you appreciate it as much as you do?
  10. Write about a time where you found a surprising opportunity within a challenging situation.
  11. What would you wish for, if a genie were to grant you five wishes right now?
  12. What is your favourite mythical creature and why? Add a sketch if you’re artistic!
  13. What is worrying you the most right now and why? Are these worries real or unfounded?
  14. What would your dream house look like?
  15. Create a bucket list for your next milestone birthday!
  16. If money wasn’t an issue, what would you do with your time?
  17. If you could donate a million dollars to a charity organisation, which one would it be and why?
  18. If you could travel backwards or forwards in time, would you, and what would you change or want to see?
  19. What do you think about the phrase, “Is the glass half-full or half-empty”? Do you have a side you lean towards, or a completely different take on it?
  20. Write about a time when everything you’d hoped would happen, did.
  21. Think back to your childhood. What was your favourite book, TV show or video game? Why did you like it as a child?
  22. Do you feel that yesterday’s answer has influenced your life now? Are you still that child deep down inside?
  23. What do you miss most about being a kid, if at all?
  24. How can you enjoy nature today?
  25. What colours do you think reflect Spring?
  26. What are your current life goals? How are you working towards them?
  27. What was your favourite hobby as a child? Do you still enjoy it?
  28. Write a letter to your child self. What do you think is most important to convey?
  29. If your body could send you a clear, direct message, what do you think it would try telling you with the most urgency?
  30. If you could give yourself the advice you needed as a teenager, what would it be?

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April Journaling Prompts. Theme - Imagination, Creativity and Hope

May (Theme: Self-Acceptance & The Little Things in Life)

Special Days: Mother’s Day

  1. Write down one thing you can see, smell, hear, touch and taste right here and now.
  2. What is your favourite song? Take your time to think about why you like it – how does the lyrics or tune make you feel?
  3. Which five things/people/animals/etc would you save, if you had to leave your home in an emergency?
  4. Discuss a time when you listened to your intuition, and was that helpful?
  5. Is nature a part of your daily life? If not, how can you bring it into your life a little more?
  6. Write about seven unique, exciting or odd things in your life. Dig deep, they may not be that obvious!
  7. What is one small thing that can make your day or totally turn it around?
  8. What has been your favourite memory of the year so far? What do you treasure about it?
  9. What was your last dream about, and what do you think it was trying to convey?
  10. What was the last nightmare you had? How did it make you feel?
  11. What was the first thought you had this morning? Is it a daily occurrence and why?
  12. Do you recall what you were doing or where you were on this exact date last year?
  13. Which social media platform are you drawn to and use the most? Do you think you’re addicted to using your phone?
  14. Looking back on yesterday’s prompt, do you think you need to reduce your screen time? How is that achievable?
  15. Take a look around the room. Write a story about the person or people who occupy this space.
  16. What is your favourite food in the world? What do you like about it?
  17. What about your favourite drink in the world?
  18. How would your day be different without the most important person in your life? This ‘person’ can be a furry companion, too!
  19. What is one small thing you can do every day that will have positive compounding effects on your life?
  20. When you close your eyes at night, what usually comes to mind? Are they happy or troubling thoughts? Let them come, and let them go tonight.
  21. What is your favourite plant or flower and why? Is it the colours, its resilience, or something else? What does it remind you of?
  22. Write a short story or paragraph about the last photo you took on your camera reel.
  23. What is the earliest memory you have about your life? Why do you think this left a lasting impression?
  24. You are given a chance to reverse or erase an event from your past. What is it, and why erase it?
  25. Going off yesterday’s prompt, think about what would happen if you erased said event. Do you think losing this experience, no matter how painful, would change you as a person? How so?
  26. What’s something that you would like to improve about your home or work environment? Are there actionable steps you can take to make that happen?
  27. When was the last time someone told you that they were proud of you? What was it for?
  28. As a local, are there places you still haven’t visited in your own country that are considered a ‘must’ by travellers? Why is that?
  29. What imperfections do you have? Which do you most value and why?
  30. What are your favourite aspects about your personality? How does that set you apart from others in a good way?
  31. Which parts of your personality do hold you back and why?

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May Journal Prompts. Theme - Self-Acceptance and The Little Things in Life

June (Theme: Maintaining Balance)

Special Days: Father’s Day

  1. Can you believe we’re already halfway through the year?! Do you remember your goals from January? How are you doing with them?
  2. Do you have any new goals for the next half of the year? What are they?
  3. Think about a time in your life that you felt most balanced and aligned with your values. What was going on then that helped you to feel that way?
  4. Do you like summer? What do you enjoy most about the summer season?
  5. What are some of your favourite childhood summer memories?
  6. What makes you most uncomfortable? Is there something you can do during those moments to feel more at ease again? It could be a grounding technique, breathing exercises, visualisation or something else.
  7. What are some toxic habits that you need to give up? What would motivate you to give them up?
  8. List three outdoor activities that you enjoy doing.
  9. In contrast with yesterday’s journaling prompts, list three indoor activities that you enjoy doing.
  10. What would a better work-life balance look like to you?
  11. How can you realistically add more mindfulness into your everyday life?
  12. What is your favourite daily routine or ritual, and how does it make you feel? Can you recreate more of that particular good feeling in your life?
  13. What is your idea of a balanced meal or diet? Do you consume such a diet, and what prevents or helps you to maintain this?
  14. Write how each season affects your mood and energy levels.
  15. Name a big decision that you’ve been weighing, and how you are considering it. How will this decision impact your life? What’s the best possible outcome?
  16. What’s one thing you’d like or hope to do that will improve your physical health?
  17. In continuation of yesterday’s prompt, what about something that you’d like to do to improve your mental health?
  18. Are you good at communication? What are some ways you can be better at it?
  19. How do you cope with being wrong? Do you admit it or argue against it? How can you improve? How can you be a better listener?
  20. Close your eyes and take deep breaths for 3 minutes. What thoughts came into your head? Write them down.
  21. What have you learned this year so far?
  22. What are three things you’re grateful for today? In reflection of that knowledge, how would you like to move forward today/tomorrow?
  23. What is one thing you can improve in your bedroom? Is it the lighting, pillows, clutter or something else?
  24. What makes you feel most alive? How can you strive towards more of such moments?
  25. Connect with yourself – what are you feeling right now, and why might that be? Let it rise, breathe, and release it, slowly if you must.
  26. Do you feel supported in your life? Who belongs to your support system?
  27. What aspects of your life do you take for granted? Be honest with yourself!
  28. List 10 things that are within your locus of control, and that you can use to improve the quality of your life.
  29. List 10 things that you can’t control, yet worries you. Remember that whilst these may cause anxiety, they’re outside your control, so try to let them go. Focus instead on the things from yesterday’s journaling prompt.
  30. Think about tomorrow. What are some little things you can do to make it great, no matter how you will feel?

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June Journaling Prompts. Theme - Maintaining Balance

July (Theme: Freedom, Creativity & Self-Expression)

Special Days: Independence Day

  1. What’s your first memory of feeling independent?
  2. Do you remember how you celebrated your 21st birthday? (Or if you’re younger, then the last big birthday!) Did you have a good time, and what did you like most about it?
  3. What is something you no longer believe in? Why?
  4. What is the most surreal experience you’ve had to date? How did that make you feel, or what thoughts came to mind?
  5. What is one creative way you can practise self-care today?
  6. What are your top three strengths? If you’re unsure, you can try the VIA quiz here!
  7. How can you focus on these strengths to excel in life?
  8. Who is the person whom you feel like you can express your deepest thoughts and feelings most freely to? Share a bit more about this person, and what about them makes you feel that way.
  9. What was your most creative project as a child that you’re proud of even up till today?
  10. When it comes to decorating your dream home, what would you have on the walls? Family photos, artwork or something else?
  11. How would you make a rainy day where you’re stuck indoors fun for yourself?
  12. Do you think that you’re a creative person? If yes, how do you like to express that creativity? If no, then why not?
  13. Building off yesterday’s journaling prompts, what has been your most creative project to date? Remember that creativity doesn’t only exist in the realm of art; it can even exist in the form of code, game strategy, home organisation and more!
  14. What are some small things you can do to make your home environment more pleasant to live in? It could be a specific room, or your whole house!
  15. What thought scares you the most? What steps can you take to overcome it slowly and steadily?
  16. In what situations do you undervalue yourself? How can you remind yourself of your worth in such situations?
  17. Put together a list of seven songs that sum up the previous week. Be sure to list the emotions and/or events that inspired them.
  18. Going off yesterday’s prompts, pick seven songs to inspire you for the week ahead.
  19. What are three things you can choose to be grateful about today, despite circumstances or how you feel?
  20. What is the most important life lesson you’ve learned so far, and how does that help you in life?
  21. If you had one pain-free day with no obligations, duties, or things to worry about, how would you spend it? (Let’s throw in a large bank account too for good measure!)
  22. What sort of artform do you enjoy the most? Is it classical paintings, manga, cinema, data visualisation or something else? What do you appreciate about it?
  23. You’ve been asked to speak at your former school about what you’ve learned in life. What do you wish to share about the most?
  24. How do you handle conflict? Do you shy away from it, or face it head on? How can you improve on this?
  25. “In the future, I want to learn…”
  26. List three things that you’re capable of accomplishing for today. They can be small, simple things, too.
  27. If you had one month to travel with all expenses covered, where would you go? Would it be a backpacking trip, a luxury cruise, a staycation or somewhere else?
  28. When do you feel at your most vulnerable? Is it a reasonable fear, and how can you reframe your thoughts about it?
  29. Are you working your dream job? What do you love about it? If you aren’t, what did you wish you could work as instead?
  30. How do you feel about where you are in life, versus expectations from society or the people around you?
  31. If you were to have dinner with a famous person (dead or alive), who would it be and why? What would you talk about?

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July Journaling Prompts - Theme: Freedom, Creativity and Self-Care

August (Theme: Pacing & Self-Care)

  1. Do a worry dump and write down all the things that are worrying you. Now try to breathe, and visualise letting them go one by one.
  2. Do you think technology contributes to your health or takes away from it? Why?
  3. Are your stress levels different at different times of the week (e.g. weekends vs weekdays)? How can you work to even these out?
  4. What kind of support system works best for you? Is it physical group support, a small family unit, online friends or something/someone else?
  5. Building off yesterday’s journaling prompt, how does your community encourage and empower you, and how do you support others in return?
  6. Are you a coffee, tea, or alcohol person? Do you think you drink too much of it and does it affect your sleep or mood?
  7. Write out your general daily routine. What do you enjoy and what don’t you enjoy?
  8. What good habits do you want to build in their place?
  9. Write down five positive affirmations that inspire you.
  10. What is your most unhealthy self-soothing technique? In what ways can you change it into a healthy self-care technique instead?
  11. What sort of activities drain you the most? Are there ways you can work around them even better?
  12. What areas of your life do you wish you had more confidence in?
  13. What soft skills have you decided are important in your life and built (i.e. self-care, communication skills, time management)?
  14. When it comes to self-care, what works best for you?
  15. What do you like and dislike about yourself most? Can you work on honing your strengths?
  16. If there was one thing in your life that you would change, what would it be and why?
  17. What else would you like to accomplish before the end of the year? Have your goals changed or expanded since the beginning of the year?
  18. What was the most recent big change in your life? How did it impact your life journey subsequently?
  19. What five important life lessons did your parents, guardians, elders or mentors teach you as a child? Do you still bear them in mind even as an adult?
  20. What is one thing about your life that you dislike? How can you reframe that into something more helpful or meaningful?
  21. What do others often compliment you about?
  22. Looking back at yesterday’s prompt, do you find it hard to take compliments? Why do you think that is?
  23. What is your deepest insecurity? Why do you think that is?
  24. Do you drink enough water or have proper meals? If you don’t, how can you start or maintain it?
  25. Do you feel better or worse after exercising? Is there a way to make it more accessible?
  26. Think back to the pandemic. What did you learn during this time? It can be a skill, a life lesson, or something else.
  27. Do you worry about money? How does that impact your daily life?
  28. Are you a frugal person or a spendthrift? Is that a good or bad thing?
  29. Do you admire any qualities in others that you’d like to adopt yourself? How can you do so?
  30. When you think about the future, what feelings come up? What do you envision?
  31. Think about the future again. Where do you hope to be in 5 years, and what little changes can you do to make that possible, or as close to possible?

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August Journaling Prompts - Theme: Pacing and Self-Care

September (Theme: Space & Relaxation)

  1. Write down your ultimate way to relax.
  2. Which is your favourite room or spot in your home and why?
  3. Thinking back to your home, how can you slowly begin to improve it? Be realistic and write your ideas down here in bullet points.
  4. To you, what is the perfect way to spend a day off?
  5. List your favourite movies. Take time to discuss why you enjoy or connect with them.
  6. List five things that have lifted your spirits today. They can be small things as well, such as something your pet did, or a kind word from a stranger.
  7. What is the ultimate way to relax on a holiday? Describe it in detail!
  8. Take a moment to sit with yourself. How are you really feeling right now, and what is the root cause?
  9. Do you like to travel alone, with a partner or in a group? Why is that so?
  10. How do you feel when at parties or amongst crowds? Are you a people person, or do you prefer smaller intimate groups?
  11. What does personal space look like to you? How do you feel when others do not respect it, and how can you protect this sacred space?
  12. Which podcasts are you listening to and enjoying right now and why? If you’re not listening to any podcasts, what music are you listening to on repeat? (Here are the top 10 podcasts I personally enjoyed in 2023!)
  13. What is making you feel happy right now? If nothing, then what was your last happy memory?
  14. What do you do when you feel bored? Can you bring more calm and peace to these moments?
  15. Where do you need to practise setting boundaries in your current life?
  16. What three benefits do you get from being out in nature?
  17. What can you realistically remove from your life for a better experience?
  18. When do you feel most like an introvert? When do you feel most like an extrovert?
  19. What has been weighing on your mind of late? What are some things you can do to release these worries?
  20. What are your three favourite books and what have they taught you, or what did you enjoy about them the most?
  21. What is your favourite daily ‘me time’ ritual and what does it bring to your day?
  22. What is the best way to calm yourself down when you’re feeling restless or anxious?
  23. Do you get enough sleep? If not,why do you think that is and how can you improve?
  24. What makes you feel most pressured in life? Can you do something to reduce this pressure?
  25. Are you more of a routine or spontaneous person? Does that ‘get in the way’ at times?
  26. When depressed or extremely down, what helps to cheer you up or make you feel better? List three things you can keep in your toolkit for the future.
  27. “We teach others how to treat us.” Going off this statement, are you setting the right boundaries in life? If not, how can you improve?
  28. What game most brings out your competitive streak? It can be a computer, phone, ball, card, board game, etc. Do you think that it’s healthy and if not, how can you manage your feelings better? (Read: How Does Gaming Benefit Our Mental Health?)
  29. When do you feel the happiest and most carefree in your own skin?
  30. What do you want to escape from most? It could be the mundaneness of your routine or job, a person, place, or even a mental, imaginary frame of mind.

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September Journaling Prompts - Theme: Space and Relaxation

October (Theme: Dark & Light)

Special Days: Halloween

  1. Who do you turn to when you need support? Why?
  2. When you feel sad, what do you do? Do you have healthy or risky coping techniques? What can you do better?
  3. What do you enjoy most about Halloween? If you don’t celebrate, then what do you most enjoy about the October season in general?
  4. What are 5 toxic habits that hold you back?
  5. What piece of advice changed everything for you?
  6. What made you feel happiest today?
  7. Where do you feel stuck in life?
  8. Write about the most surprising helping hand you’ve ever received.
  9. What is something you learned this week?
  10. Write about the last argument or disagreement you had. Who was it with and what was it about?
  11. What worries you the most in life? Is there something you can do to improve the situation?
  12. What are you grateful for today? What made you get out of bed today?
  13. What do you need to help you feel safe and secure in life?
  14. Who made you feel happiest today? It can also be a pet or stranger!
  15. When was the last time you cried and what sparked it? How do you feel about it now?
  16. Who is somebody you look up to? What qualities do you admire about them? They can be famous or someone you know.
  17. Think about a time when your anxiety was at its worst. How did you cope, and how do you think you can cope better the next time something like that happens again?
  18. What are some of your favourite autumn/fall memories or family traditions?
  19. What are five things you like most about yourself right now?
  20. What about five things that you like the least about yourself? What can you do to work and grow through them?
  21. What do you need to hear from others right now?
  22. Do you consider yourself a judgemental person? If so, how can you improve?
  23. What’s your biggest regret in life, or is there something that you feel guilty about?
  24. List three positive things from the past week.
  25. What is your biggest pet peeve, and what about it makes you fume?
  26. Do you compare yourself to others? How does this make you feel, and what do you think the genuine root cause is behind it?
  27. What do you want your loved ones to understand about you, but it’s just not getting through? Maybe it’s your ‘complex’ job, unresolved trauma or something else.
  28. What is the most toxic thing your inner critic tells you all the time? How can you empower yourself instead?
  29. What’s one obstacle in your life that you’re having a hard time overcoming?
  30. List five things that you take pride in.
  31. Do you find darkness peaceful or frightening? What kind of feelings does it invoke?

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October Journaling Prompts - Theme: Dark and Light

November (Theme: Showing Gratitude)

Special Days: End of Daylight Savings & Thanksgiving

  1. How have you shown appreciation lately? It can be to an individual or an organisation.
  2. Think back to yesterday’s prompt – How can you show appreciation in everyday life going forward?
  3. What do you appreciate most about your friends or family?
  4. What positive legacy do you want to leave in this world?
  5. What are three things are you grateful for when it comes to your job? If you don’t have a job, then your favourite hobby!
  6. What’s one change that you think would make the world a better place?
  7. Let’s try some gratitude again. List 10 things you’re grateful for in life right now, and why each is important to you.
  8. Which three people are you grateful for on a larger scale? (E.g. Marie Curie.)
  9. What are three of the best gifts that you’ve ever received, and what made them special?
  10. What/who is something/someone you took for granted, and didn’t realise until they were gone?
  11. Write a short letter of gratitude to someone who means a lot to you. They can be someone who’s alive, or who has passed on.
  12. What do you value most in a friend? Now think about your closest friend, and list down the ways in which they’ve changed you.
  13. What’s the sweetest thing someone’s done for you in life?
  14. What is something you can do to show more love to yourself? It could be in a physical, mental, emotional, even spiritual aspect.
  15. List 10 little things in life that make you smile.
  16. Who are the three most supportive people in your life, and how can you show your gratitude to them in your own special way?
  17. Do you enjoy buying gifts for others? Why or why not?
  18. What sort of gifts do you like receiving?
  19. How do you like to show gratitude towards others? (You can think about your love language if that helps!)
  20. Write down five things you would like to thank your body for today.
  21. What was something nice you did for someone, yet they didn’t appreciate it? How did that make you feel, and are you still close to them now?
  22. What has been the best day in your life thus far?
  23. “The world would be a better place with more empathy and kindness.” – Do you agree or disagree? What are some things you can do to contribute to this?
  24. How can you show your appreciation to service staff (i.e. waiters/waitresses, cab drivers, desk clerks, delivery people, etc)?
  25. Are you a kind person? If so, do you feel like others take advantage of it, and how does that make you feel? If you don’t think you are, then why not, and what can you do to be kinder?
  26. What modern conveniences and/or aspects about your country/city are you most grateful for?
  27. Do you like and communicate with your neighbours? What about them do you appreciate? If you don’t, do you think it might be worth it to build a relationship with them?
  28. What is your positive affirmation for today?
  29. What are three things you can be more grateful for in your life, despite circumstances?
  30. What do you appreciate about where you live? Is it the convenience, access to nature, space or something else?

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November Mindfulness Journaling Prompts - Theme: Showing Gratitude

December (Theme: Closure & Looking Forward)

Special Days: Christmas Day

  1. The year is nearly over. What is something else that you want to achieve before it ends?
  2. When does it officially feel like the holiday season to you? Is it when they start playing Christmas music in stores, or something else?
  3. What is your favourite activity that can only be done in winter and why?
  4. If you could sit on Santa’s lap and ask him for three things, what would they be? They don’t have to be items!
  5. What were you worried about this time last year? Are you still worried about it now?
  6. What are some of your favourite winter memories from childhood?
  7. What was your first experience with loss, and how did it change you as a person?
  8. When it comes to forgiveness, is there someone in your life you find hard to forgive? Why? What would you like to say to them?
  9. What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?
  10. Describe your childhood in one sentence.
  11. What do you like or dislike most about the festive season?
  12. Would your younger self be proud of who you’ve become, and your journey to get here?
  13. What’s your favourite season of the year, and what about it brings you joy?
  14. What is one thing in your life that you wish you had proper closure for?
  15. What is the perfect way to unwind after a long day?
  16. What is something you can look forward to when you wake up tomorrow?
  17. Is there something about yourself that you can’t bring yourself to accept, and how can you work on this in order to heal?
  18. What is something you can do to lift your spirits today? It can be simple – such as listening to music, or cuddling your dog!
  19. What is your favourite family holiday tradition?
  20. What are your favourite festive foods? It doesn’t have to be from Christmas, either!
  21. Is there a vacation you’re looking forward to? How are you planning for it? If you don’t, then is there a destination that you dream about?
  22. Think about your favourite place as a child. Where is it and why? If it’s still accessible, do you visit it?
  23. Are you afraid of being alone? Why or why not?
  24. It will be a new year again soon. What are you looking forward to the most?
  25. Merry Christmas! What will you do today to ensure that you take good care of yourself? It could be mental or physical.
  26. Let’s do a self check-in. How do you feel today? What feeling would you like to carry forward or invoke for the rest of the day?
  27. Make a spring cleaning plan to help declutter your life!
  28. Who are the three people whom you spend the most time with, and how do you feel around them? Are there ways you can improve your relationships with them if they’re not optimal?
  29. Who is the person you most look forward to seeing right now?
  30. Are you the sort of person who makes New Year resolutions? If so, do they work for you? If you don’t, then what are your thoughts on self-improvement and personal growth in general?
  31. What is one healthy habit that you’d like to introduce into your life for the new year?

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December Journaling Prompts - Theme: Closure and Looking Forward

Bonus Mindfulness Journaling Prompts!

Here are some extra prompts that you can use if you come up blank for any of the writing prompts above, or if you feel like journaling about more than one thing for today!

Pets & Animals

  1. Do you have a pet whom you love dearly? Write a letter to them. You can still do this even if they have crossed the rainbow bridge.
  2. What is your favourite thing about your pet and why?
  3. What do you find most difficult about taking care of your pet?
  4. If you could have a pet or another pet, what would you choose? It can also be a different breed or the same!
  5. What are your three favourite animals, and what about them do you admire?
  6. Are you an animal person? Why or why not?
  7. Are you a cat or dog person? What traits about them do you relate to or appreciate?


  1. Were you close with your siblings growing up? How did that make you feel?
  2. If you have any siblings, how similar or different are you from them? How has this impacted your relationship?
  3. If you are an only child, did you ever wish you had a sibling? What did you imagine you’d do together?
  4. If you have kids, what about the experience do you find to be most overwhelming? (If you don’t, write about what you think would be overwhelming.)
  5. In continuation of the above prompt, what is the most rewarding experience about being a parent?
  6. What about your family do you appreciate the most?
  7. Is there something you envy about other families and why is that?
  8. What’s something unique about your family? It could be a ritual, tradition, private jokes or something else.

Home & Space

  1. Do you prefer a minimalist or maximalist style? What do you like about it?
  2. What are your favourite colours to paint your walls in, or do you prefer wallpaper? How does it make you feel?
  3. What type of flooring do you prefer? Is it marble, parquet, carpeted, etc? How do you think that makes your house look?
  4. Do you enjoy spending time in the kitchen? What are your must have kitchen equipment and why?

Work & Career

  1. What is one thing you like having on your work desk and why?
  2. Are you a Mac or Windows kind of person? What do you like about the interface?
  3. How long have you been working in your current job? Do you enjoy it, or wish you could change careers? What would you change it to if so?
  4. What are three pieces of advice you’d give to someone who was looking to join your work industry?
  5. In what sort of work situations do you thrive in? Is it when there’s structure, or when you’re given freedom to make your own decisions? Perhaps when you’re allowed to work from home, or maybe you’re the sort who works well under pressure!
  6. If you could start your own company or business, what would it be about?
  7. What do you think makes a good boss?
  8. What are some work values that you think are important?


  1. What was life like when you were 16?
  2. What belief do you hold that you worry others would judge you for? Why is that so?
  3. If you could send a message to someone in the past, who would it be and what would you say?
  4. If you could send a message to someone in the future, who would it be and what would you send?
  5. How many languages do you speak? Is there a language that you want to learn?
  6. If you wear makeup, what is one ‘must have’? How does it make you feel when you put it on?
  7. Do you enjoy cooking? What is your best or favourite dish to make?
  8. Are you a paperback or digital book kind of person? What do you appreciate about the medium?
  9. What is your favourite book genre and what do you like about it?
  10. What about your favourite movie genres? Are they the same as your favourite book genres?
  11. What is one app you can’t live without on your phone?
  12. Do you have any self-care apps on your phone? Which is your favourite and why?
  13. What is your favourite scent or smell in the world? Is it a particular perfume, freshly baked bread, a forest or something else? What feeling does that scent invoke?


  1. If you could choose to visit outer space or the deep ocean, which would you choose and why?
  2. Which is your favourite country that you’ve visited so far, and what did you love about it?
  3. Is there a country you know you’d never want to visit, and why not?
  4. What kind of traveller are you? (Backpacker, cruise, luxury hotel, etc.) What do you enjoy or get out the most from such trips?
  5. What are your top three bucket list destinations and why?
  6. Which aspects of travelling do you like and dislike the most?
  7. Do you prefer to take a plane or do you prefer road trips? How does it make you feel?
  8. Are there routines you maintain when you travel, and what are they? Are they good or bad routines?

I Hope These 365 Mindfulness Journaling Prompts for Self-Improvement Have Been Helpful!

It may seem like too much of a commitment to use these mindfulness journaling prompts for self-improvement every day, especially if you’re just starting out. But I’d like to emphasise that the beauty of journaling is that it’s one of those things you can and should take personally, and at your own pace. Journaling should be a good habit that works for you and you alone. I hope you have a fruitful journaling session today!

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365 Mindfulness journaling Prompts for Self-Improvement - Guest Post by Nyxie's Nook (Background: A girl with red lipstick with hair done up in two buns has her fists clenched in victory, looking happy. Simple floral prints at the top.)
365 Mindfulness Journaling Prompts for Self-Improvement (Background: A person's hand scribbling in a notebook with their right hand. A cup of clear tea on the top right, with lots of cutout papers on the desk.)

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Chloe, more widely known as ‘Nyxie’, runs her blog over at, where she writes about mental health, eating disorders, recovery and general wellness. In her spare time, she loves to play video games, write, illustrate and is a cat mum. Connect with her on social media here: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.

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November 30, 2023 03:09

Those are great! Found this article randomly and I’m so excited I did! THANK YOU! really appreciating this 🫶

Sheryl Chan
November 30, 2023 13:54
Reply to  Sue

Happy they were helpful to you, Sue! 🙂

Caz / InvisiblyMe
August 27, 2023 22:19

Some excellent thoughts from Chloe – I really like her blog and would absolutely recommend it. Number 31 on January’s prompts – about redefining success – is a big one for me since getting sick, losing my job, losing the career path I was on. I imagine a lot of us have been through this, finding ourselves off that path and feeling like our worth was tied to our jobs and also then our finances.

This post makes for an incredible resource. Very thoughtfully put together, so thank you for sharing!

Caz xx

Sheryl Chan
August 28, 2023 08:43

Thank you so much, Caz, I really appreciate your support as always! And yes, fantastic prompts for year round, or any order you like really – whichever helps you best in that particular moment 🙂 Sending lots of hugs!

July 18, 2023 07:52

These are great! I am always looking for blog post ideas and journaling ideas.

Sheryl Chan
July 19, 2023 17:58
Reply to  Kirsten

Thanks, Kirsten! I hope you find some (or most!) of them useful and I hope they give you some ideas 🙂 Sending good thoughts.

Despite Pain
May 23, 2023 21:10

My goodness, this is such a fantastic post from Chloe with such a long list of prompts. Even if people only manage a few each month, they’ll be helping themselves. But having them laid out like this, makes mindfulness seem easier.

Sheryl Chan
May 24, 2023 12:24
Reply to  Despite Pain

Thank you Liz! Yes it is probably difficult to journal every day, but these are here as a foundation and for when you need a little motivation or idea to help get you back into the flow! 🙂 Thank you so much for your support as always.

Kelly Windley
May 16, 2023 03:02

Wow this is a really useful post and resource thank YOU both 🙏
I love how you have created the prompts month by month and they are relative to that time of the year. 😻

Sheryl Chan
May 17, 2023 03:16
Reply to  Kelly Windley

Hi Kelly, thank you so much for your support, we appreciate it deeply! I am glad it is helpful and I hope it’s something you can use!