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Join Our Online Community Through These Linkups

You may be wondering, ‘what are linkups’? In the blogging world, it is a a term used when bloggers come together to share their blog posts on a single page. There is usually a common theme or writing prompts. Linkups can be done using a comments thread. I use inLinkz (affiliate link), which allows me to display everyone’s post in nice little thumbnails for easy reference.

What’s the Point to These Linkups?

There are a number of fantastic reasons why you might consider joining one of our linkups:

  • Community. Using shared writing prompts, we explore thoughts and goals living with chronic illness both as an individual, and as a group. You are not alone, and our struggles are universal ones as human beings. Reading and sharing these thoughts can help to brighten your perspective, or bring some comfort.
  • Advocacy. By sharing about your rare conditions and illnesses, you immediately raise awareness about them. Unless you take the blog post down, it will be there as a resource for others who may be struggling with a new diagnosis.
  • Self-Care, Awareness & Healing. Research has proven the many benefits of writing and journaling for mental, emotional, and even physical health. When you participate in a linkup, you reflect upon your life and express it through your writing. This in turn can help to stimulate healing. Get creative (or keep it simple, it doesn’t matter!), and bring some joy and hope back into your life.

How Do I Get Started?

The ‘Timeless Linkups’ do not have a deadline to them. You can take your time to answer the questions, and add your knowledge to the repository when you’re ready. They aim to provide insight from a wider perspective, from voices all over the world.

The ‘Monthly Linkup Parties’ occur every month, with five new writing prompts to challenge you, or help break that writer’s block. Don’t know what to blog about? Why not try these prompts? You can also format them however you like. Whilst you may break them down for reflection prompt by prompt, many people also write evergreen posts that combine these prompts.

I aim to share as many of your posts on my social media as possible as well, to help spread the word around. Click on each individual link below for more information on how to participate.

Timeless Linkups

Monthly Linkup Party for People with Chronic Illnesses








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Linkups: Blog & Share About Your Life with Chronic & Mental Illness Pinterest Image

Linkups: Blog & Share About Your Life with Chronic & Mental Illness Pinterest Image

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