*Currently looking to interview people from Singapore & Asia living or caring for someone with chronic illness!

About This Blog

A Chronic Voice is a health, wellness and chronic illness blog. I write most of the content here, but I welcome guest posts too. Do read some of the ‘Published’ posts, to get a feel of the tone and type of content preferred here. If you have a great idea that you want to share on this website, do take note of the following guidelines before submitting through the contact form.

Contribution Guidelines

  1. Content must be unpublished elsewhere, including your own blog.
  2. It would be great if you could refer me to some articles that you’ve written before.
  3. You can pitch your idea first to see if it will be a good fit.
  4. After pitch approval, please send the final, error-free draft to me. I may edit it further before publishing, or reject it for any reason.
  5. An average word count would be around 700. But I rather have quality in every sentence, and do not mind less or more.
  6. You may link up to two of your own blog posts within the guest post, if they are relevant.
  7. You may link up to five external sources, if they are relevant.
  8. All facts and statistics you use must be linked to the original source. The source should be a credible one, such as a government or education body.
  9. You should get a response within 2 weeks. If you don’t, feel free to follow up with me again.
  10. It would be great if you can provide some pictures to be included with the post. No worries if you have none. I will create the featured and Pinterest image on my end for consistency purposes.
  11. Do include a photo and short bio about yourself (approximately 150 words), as well as all your social media links.
  12. There will be no payment for guest posts from bloggers. It is meant for cross-promotion and I will share it to all my social media channels.

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