We all know the truth of the saying, ‘health is wealth’. But apart from the metaphorical aspect of this idiom, it’s actually pretty literal as well. It’s expensive just to stay alive if you have a chronic illness or disability, especially if you live in a country where healthcare is not subsidised. There are extra […]

Why Painkillers are One of My Biggest Allies for a Decent Quality of Life | A Chronic Voice

The Many Negative Associations with Painkillers Painkillers – hero, villain, friend and foe in one. What’s your opinion about them? Have you been told: Don’t take them, they’re bad for your liver and body. You’ll become reliant, dependent, or addicted to them. A good-for-nothing, pathetic junky. You’ll need more and more of them to kill […]

Friday, 22 January 2021. Issue #249. In this issue: Whilst insurance may provide a wheelchair, often their quality isn’t sufficient for a decent quality of life and even cause more aches and pains. We are all unique individuals with different strengths and weaknesses, who deserve a voice and to form connections. Not wanting to weigh […]

Issue #248: Walking Isn't the Goal for Many Disabled People & Sex is Only One of the Many Aspects of a Good Relationship | A Chronic Voice

Friday, 15 January 2021. Issue #248. In this issue: Sex is only one of many aspects of a good relationship; the ultimate goal is to bond on an emotional, physical, mental and even spiritual level. We heal when we start to believe that it is a possibility, and with the help of others. We can […]

Issue 247: Cooking Hacks for the Chronically Ill & It's Possible to Live a Full and Fulfilled Life with Chronic Illness; Don't Diminish That | A Chronic Voice

Friday, 08 January 2021. Issue #247. In this issue: Buying pre-cut vegetables can really relieve those aching hands and other cooking hacks for the chronically ill. You did not fail anything when trying a new medication that didn’t work – the drug failed you. Creativity can help you to cope with the stress and anxiety […]

Issue #246: There is a Human Being Beneath the Diagnosis & A Glimpse Into the Lives of the Chronically Ill, Who Have Been Living in Isolation Long Before the Pandemic | A Chronic Voice

Friday, 01 January 2021. Issue #246. In this issue: Panic attacks isn’t just ‘irritation’ in its simple form, but one that carries pulses of electrical anxiety that eventually floods your brain. Let’s take the fear from 2020, set it alight with hope, and take that forward via the January writing prompts. Doctors need to know […]