The Causes & Dangers of Malabsorption & An Easy Way to Get Your Nutrients

The causes of malabsorption are not always readily apparent, yet the effects can be devastating as our body does not have the nutrients it needs to function properly. There are certain chronic illnesses that are more susceptible to malabsorption, and many patients require supplementation in one form or another. In this article, we will take […]

Issue 265: Any Expansion of Energy, Good or Bad, Can Lead to a Chronic Pain Flare & Empathy is a Key Trait We Seek in Doctors

Friday, 14 May 2021. Issue #265. In This Issue: Any expansion of energy with chronic illness, whether it was a happy activity or otherwise, eats into our daily quota and can lead to a pain flare. Empathy is a key trait to seek in a doctor; to be seen as a human being who is […]

Issue #264: Your Lack of Health Does Not Define Your Worth as a Human Being & The Importance of Making Time for Deep Rest with Chronic Illness

Friday, 07 May 2021. Issue #264. In This Issue: What people with chronic illnesses and disabilities need you to know – that our illnesses and lack of health do not define our worth. The importance of carving out time for deep rest especially with migraines or chronic illness, which is just as important as ‘doing’ […]

Issue 263: When Misinformation is Disseminated It Undoes Some of the Advocacy Already Done & Creating a Safe and Inviting Space at Home That You Can Always Enjoy Being in

Friday, 30 April 2021. Issue #263. In This Issue: When misinformation is disseminated it further stigmatises IBD and chronic illnesses, undoing some of the advocacy work done. This can be especially harmful when it comes from within the chronic illness community itself. Creating a safe and inviting space at home in which you can always […]