Issue #50: How it Becomes a Big Deal with Chronic Pain & More Insight | A Chronic Voice

Saturday, 25 Mar 2017. Issue #50. In this edition: Practical patience. A call to courage for men living with chronic illnesses in silence. Every bit counts. 15 snippets of endometriosis insight. Forgetting what we know in anxiety. Unpleasant muscle aches. Woman speaks out on viral photo making fun of her. 6 things that are a […]

The Big Difference between Empathy and Sympathy | A Chronic Voice

This animation is short, but brilliant 🙂 People who are suffering do not need sympathy; despise it even. The line between the two different worlds of empathy and sympathy is thin. So what makes all the difference? Connection. Not just with other people. We have to reconnect with ourselves as human beings first, before we’re […]

#100WritingDays Roundup 3: Three short stories fresh from the oven! Revealing human emotions in all its raw, ugly, beautiful glory. And also some thoughts on human traits and books. | A Chronic Voice

Three short stories fresh from the oven! It was very embarrassing for me to reveal my biggest jealousy on so many levels (inside my head), but I’ve spilled the beans on digital paper here. This week’s edition also includes some reflections from books I’ve been reading, and a fun little metaphor for chronic illnesses. Happy […]

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl: 16 Applications in Chronic Illness: Part II | A Chronic Voice

This is part two of a three part book review, “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl. This book is full of great takeaways for those struggling to cope with chronic illness. I am sure many of us can also relate to the concepts within, as to be sick is to be a prisoner in […]

We take a glimpse into life with chronic illness as a young person in three short stories this week. Candid, insightful & humourous, we hope you enjoy them! | A Chronic Voice

There are three new stories in this week’s roundup for you! A candid glimpse into living with chronic illness as a young person, and learning to accept your body. If you really stop to think about it, it’s a wondrous creation despite all the flaws. I hope these stories bring a chuckle or add some […]

Issue #49: Reframing Ideas of a Normal Life, Being a Caregiver Despite Needing Care & More! | A Chronic Voice

Saturday, 18 Mar 2017. Issue #49. In this edition: Why we need to reframe our ideas of a normal life, especially with chronic pain. 10 things you should know when you’re first diagnosed. A superb review and giveaway on the ‘Unlocking Lyme’ book, written by a doctor who has lyme himself. Being a caregiver for […]

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl: 16 Applications in Chronic Illness: Part 1 | A Chronic Voice

With 10 million copies sold, Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning” is one of the most popular books of our times. He wrote it in only nine days, but it is full of thought provoking questions and wisdom. His thoughts on this timeless question – ‘what is the meaning of life?’ – are easy to […]

#100WritingDays Week 1 Roundup: A project to increase my writing output without sacrificing on quality, and also to explore Medium. Topics revolve around chronic illness, health and life. | A Chronic Voice

If you missed it, I started a ‘100 Writing Days’ project. The aim is to increase my writing output without sacrificing on quality, and also to explore the Medium platform. This is the first week, and I have five pieces for your perusal! Topics still revolve around chronic illness, but are also more flexible as […]

Issue #48: A Casual Spoonie Coffee Chat, What Chronic Illness Gives & More!

Saturday, 11 Mar 2017. Issue #48. In this edition: A casual spoonie coffee chat on nutrition and photography. How chronic illness magnifies and purifies the lens of life. How to deal with hurtful comments online. Tips on how to cope with migraines during weather swings. How to be happy through compassion. Remembering the many undiagnosed […]

Not a Big Deal, Until You Experience it for Real | A Chronic Voice

Many chronic conditions are often overlooked because they don’t sound that painful or difficult to deal with. The person may even look well! Are they just craving attention, being lazy or faking it? Before experiencing these symptoms for myself, I too, have been guilty of ignorant and unkind thoughts within the privacy of my mind. […]