Top Tips for Travelling with Chronic Illness & Disability (From a Girl Who Loves to Travel)

Travelling with Chronic Illness & Disability – Why I Do It Anyway Travelling is one of my biggest passions in life, and I’d like to share my top tips for travelling with chronic illness and disability in this post. Whilst we all travel for various reasons and find pleasure in different things, being chronically ill […]

'It's in My Blood': Sarah Poitras - Round the World with a Lung Disease Featured Image

Featuring Sarah Poitras in Our First Edition! What do people with chronic illnesses do every day? Do they even get any enjoyment out of life?! I think there’s no better way to kick off this brand new series than to feature Sarah Poitras of “Travel Breathe Repeat”! Despite having a progressive lung disease, she travelled […]

Back Pain Blues? A Physiotherapist Shares Some Tips. |

*Note from A Chronic Voice: Jeremy and Joanna are both physiotherapists who have been travelling around the world since 2010, working in all sorts of interesting places! They are committed to staying as healthy as possible while on the road. Today Jeremy shares some basic insight into back pain from a physiotherapist’s perspective, and also […]