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Issue #271: Writing and Journaling for Stress Relief & Enjoying Art with a Disability

Issue 271: Writing and Journaling for Stress Relief & Enjoying Art with a Disability

Friday, 25 June 2021. Issue #271.

In This Issue:

  1. The act of writing and journaling can help with stress relief, as it activates the creative part of your brain, and may even raise dopamine levels, depending on the type of journaling done.
  2. Reconsidering and enjoying art through stone painting, as a person with limited mobility.
  3. Why taking too much calcium supplements may increase the risk for heart disease, and how Vitamin K2 can help.
  4. The unconditional love of many mothers; to show up for their children despite feelings or circumstances, without demanding accolades in return.
  5. Our mindset towards our everchanging circumstances and challenges plays an important role in increasing or decreasing our distress.
  6. Life lessons from Thich Nhat Hanh’s Book, ‘How to Relax’; take a ‘holiday’ in the present moment. We often miss the small pleasurable things around us as we scurry on by.
  7. The need to do meticulous research to choose the right disability technology for yourself. Typically you are allowed to receive one speech generation device and wheelchair within a given period of time if you are disabled.
  8. You may not be able to do all the things you love to do at length, but you can still do each of them in short periods of time every day.
  9. Chronic pain is often present with chronic illness, hence the need to incorporate self-care strategies into everyday life in order to maximise quality of life.
  10. Taking time to check in with your feelings and offering yourself kindness can help you to move on with renewed optimism, when you wake with a pain flare.

*Note: This article is meant for educational purposes, and is based on each person’s individual experiences and circumstances. It is not to be substituted for medical advice. Please consult your own doctor before changing or adding new treatment protocols.

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Issue 271: Writing and Journaling for Stress Relief & Enjoying Art with a Disability
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