Is Seeking Help for Mental Health Worth the Fuss? |

Has the thought of seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist ever crossed your mind? You might have mused but hesitated over the idea. Either because you didn’t think that there were real benefits, or wondered what society would label you as. If so, then I wrote this article especially with you in mind. Societal Perceptions of […]


Here is the weekly compilation of most popular tweets on our Twitter account! It’s a fairly wide range of topics this past week, covering stress busting tips, the problem with self diagnosing, fake treatments, chronic and mental illness perspectives, and much more! 6 Ways to Have a #BetterDay – Easy tips to beat #stress: […]

Sometimes Working Hard Means to Rest

Sometimes ‘to work hard’ means ‘to rest’, and for people with chronic illnesses, oftentimes getting enough rest means more than the average. The amount of rest your body needs in order to function cannot be compared to another person’s requirements; we are not robots manufactured on a factory belt. Sleeping is hardly inaction or a […]

Top Tweets of the Week (24 Apr – 30 Apr 2016)

Which tweets have been popular on our Twitter account this week? Take a look at insights from patients, perspectives from doctors, professional medical tips, health trivia and more: [New Post] High Dose #Steroids: The First Question You Will Definitely Ask: #prednisone — A Chronic Voice (@AChVoice) April 24, 2016 #Doctors Today: Young, Broke […]