Issue 265: Any Expansion of Energy, Good or Bad, Can Lead to a Chronic Pain Flare & Empathy is a Key Trait We Seek in Doctors

Friday, 14 May 2021. Issue #265. In This Issue: Any expansion of energy with chronic illness, whether it was a happy activity or otherwise, eats into our daily quota and can lead to a pain flare. Empathy is a key trait to seek in a doctor; to be seen as a human being who is […]

Issue #264: Your Lack of Health Does Not Define Your Worth as a Human Being & The Importance of Making Time for Deep Rest with Chronic Illness

Friday, 07 May 2021. Issue #264. In This Issue: What people with chronic illnesses and disabilities need you to know – that our illnesses and lack of health do not define our worth. The importance of carving out time for deep rest especially with migraines or chronic illness, which is just as important as ‘doing’ […]

Disability & Sex: Disabled People are Not Automatically Bad Sexual or Romantic Partners

Amidst the dozens of emails I receive a day for blog related stuff, one stood out the other day. It asked if I was interested in writing a post for their blog on sex and disability. I was highly suspicious at first, as it was from a porn site, Lustery. Was it legitimate or risky? […]

Issue 259: Fatigue Makes it Difficult to Do Every Day Tasks Like Eating and Showering & Research Shows That People with Daily Gratitude Rituals are Some of the Happiest

Friday, 02 April 2021. Issue #259. In This Issue: When your spouse and family refuse to let you give up on yourself when you’re down with chronic illness, and lift you up again. Most people who use a wheelchair aren’t incapable of walking, but need to conserve their energy for activities they want to participate […]

April Writing Prompts for People with Chronic Illnesses & Disabilities

Hello it’s the spring season, and time for the April writing prompts! Have a look at what’s in store for our cosy little chronic illness writing community this month. I hope to read more about how you’ve been doing, understand your chronic illness life a little more, and hopefully make more online spoonie friends. Sending […]