Why 'Easy' Part-Time Jobs are Not That Easy for Those with Chronic Illness

“Get an Easy Part-Time Job”, They Said Many people with chronic illness or a disability are unable to work full-time. You don’t see many of them working part-time jobs either. Why? (Unless they’re hiding in plain sight, which they often are. It’s a bit of a superpower.) All their education seems to have come to […]

12 Visible Evidence of a Body Gone Rogue

The invisibility of chronic illness makes it incredibly frustrating. We look healthy, yet the pain under our skin can be excruciating. But is pain ever fully invisible? Painkillers mask the evidence of chronic pain somewhat, yet they often provide minimal relief. A body gone rogue is not easy to tame. And taming it requires a […]

Issue 272: The Steep Stigma of Taking Painkillers Only as a 'Last Resort' & Can One be 'Brave' in the Face of Chronic Pain, When There Isn't a Choice?

Friday, 02 July 2021. Issue #272. In This Issue: The steep stigma of taking painkillers only as a ‘last resort’, that sometimes even those who suffer from intense chronic pain try to ride it out. Can one be brave in the face of chronic pain and chronic illness, when there isn’t a choice to begin […]

June Writing Prompts for People with Chronic Illnesses & Disabilities

Hello and welcome to the June writing prompts (and summer… and the middle of the year…). Time sure has whizzed by in 2021, wouldn’t you agree? Admittedly, I haven’t been organising my time very efficiently and need to work on that. I’d love to hear about how you’ve been coping so far this year, and […]

Issue 265: Any Expansion of Energy, Good or Bad, Can Lead to a Chronic Pain Flare & Empathy is a Key Trait We Seek in Doctors

Friday, 14 May 2021. Issue #265. In This Issue: Any expansion of energy with chronic illness, whether it was a happy activity or otherwise, eats into our daily quota and can lead to a pain flare. Empathy is a key trait to seek in a doctor; to be seen as a human being who is […]