Issue #240: How the Unpredictability of Chronic Pain Really Messes You Up & Learning to Advocate for Yourself at the Doctor's | A Chronic Voice

Friday, 20 November 2020. Issue #240. In this issue: Baskets can be really useful for accessibility at home; you can keep hobby equipment and comfort tools in the right spots. Chronic pain really messes with your psyche, as you get worried when things are stable beyond ‘the norm’. Some days you are just too exhausted, […]

Issue #238: Fall Fashion Tips for the Chronically Ill & When You're 'Too Well' to Claim Disability but 'Too Sick' to Work Full-Time | A Chronic Voice

Friday, 06 November 2020. Issue #238. In this issue: Real life mini interviews of people with chronic illness and disability, whose lives are in permanent lockdown of sorts. The societal issues with the chronically ill who are ‘in between’ too well and too ill to work or to claim disability benefits. Share your best holiday […]

Issue #235: The Worsening of Symptoms with the October Slide & The Health Benefits of Expressive Writing from Over 300 Research Studies

Friday, 16 October 2020. Issue #235. In this issue: World Arthritis Day ‘COVID-19 Time Capsule’ with A Chronic Voice from Singapore, a project presented by Creaky Joints and the Canadian Arthritis Patience Alliance. Accepting chronic pain and working with our bodies as a person with chronic illness, so as to become more attuned to it […]