Book Review: The Narwhal Who Suffers from Chronic Migraines

Book Review: The Narwhal Who Suffers from Chronic Migraines |

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“Noah the Narwhal: A Tale of Downs and Ups”, a Book by Judith Klausner

Judith Klausner sent me a very interesting preview of her book, “Noah the Narwhal: A Tale of Downs and Ups”, earlier this year. It is a picture book for ages four to eight – but hey, which adult doesn’t like a good children’s book with gorgeous illustrations and an articulate storyline, too?

The main character in this book, Noah the narwhal, suffers from chronic migraines. It features three very common scenarios that any chronic illness person will have to face in their lifetime – dealing with work, friends and family.

Noah’s boss, friend and even sister do not believe that he is in pain, because he looks fine to them the very next day. My heart goes out to Noah, because this is a very common occurrence for those of us who live with chronic pain. To have someone doubt the existence of your suffering, especially those who are supposed to be close to you, can be more hurtful than the physical pain in itself.

But just as these three characters become angry with Noah for ‘pretending to be sick’, humanity is restored through other characters, too! They remind them about Noah’s good points, and how he had helped them out on his ‘good days’, too. This book is short but very sweet, and was an absolute delight that warmed my heart. It brings up a very good message for both kids and adults. It highlights the basis of discrimination in everyday life that many people have to endure.

Colourful Illustrations by Sarah Gould

The illustrations by Sarah Gould are cute and colourful, something which I’m sure kids know how to appreciate! And the storyline invokes empathy by raising awareness on invisible illnesses. Not everyone around us who looks healthy is truly feeling fine. This book encourages them to put themselves in someone else’s shoes from a young age, which I believe is an important part of education as a human being. This is one book that I would definitely recommend having on your bookshelf, or as a gift for anyone!

Noah the Narwhal: A Tale of Downs and Ups

Noah the Narwhal: A Tale of Downs and Ups

By: Judith Klausner (Author) & Sarah Gould (Illustrator)

Noah the Narwhal has good days, where he is productive and social. He also has pain days, where he needs plenty of rest. His friends and family often find it difficult to handle the unpredictability. Can they come to see that having him in their lives is absolutely worth it?

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Judith Klausner sent me a preview of her book, "A Tale of Ups and Downs". It's about a narwhal who suffers from chronic migraines. Definitely recommended! Click to read or pin to save for later. |

Author Bio:

Judith Klausner, author of "Noah the Narwhal: A Tale of Ups and Downs"

You can find Judith (and Noah) on her Website, Etsy, Facebook & Instagram.

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