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September 2017 Prompts: Resisting, Learning, Struggling, Supporting & Changing

September 2017 Prompts: Resisting, Learning, Struggling, Supporting & Changing |

What will you be resisting, learning, struggling with, supporting and changing for the month? You’re free to interpret these keywords however you wish; here’s my own list! I hope you’ll join me here on this parallel journey that’s similar yet different in so many ways 🙂

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Stressing myself out unnecessarily. I’ll be the first to admit that I stress out easily, especially when it comes to work commitments. You’d think that one would become used to it after after these years, but no. I worry about letting a whole team down, and am the kind of person who can’t switch off until my task list has all been struck off. (When my partner tells me an errand he needs to complete, my brain somehow takes it up as its duty too :p)

So. I’m going to resist the urge to do it all in one go, because that’s a foolish notion anyway. I suspect that the reasons for this behaviour is due to a lack of self-esteem and also a need for control. So by practising resistance to this harmful habit, it will also increase my resilience for life in general. Pacing, or the tortoise vs the hare concept, is clearly the way to go.


French online. Sadly, my French classes had to come to a halt as there weren’t enough students to form a group. With every new term, the numbers shrink by half. It’s a shame as that was my one social commitment that I actually looked forward to every week. Even on days when I was in pain, I always walked out of class feeling happy and inspired.

I’ve had a few lessons on iTalki now and it hasn’t been too bad, although I still prefer an actual classroom setting. It’s been way more intense than a group class, as I’m forced to communicate nonstop in French the whole time, using a variety of material.

If you’re interested in picking up a new language or are looking for a new hobby, why not give iTalki a go? They have a wide selection of native language professional teachers, and you don’t have to get dressed to go to class. The sessions have all been really casual; it seems to be some unspoken agreement where everyone’s in home clothes without any makeup!


With exercise. It’s only been a month and I’ve already slid off the bandwagon for my Zero to Hero fitness programme :p I used to be more active, but ever since I had to stop playing team sports due to my blood clotting disorder, I haven’t found anything that I enjoy. I only exercised because it was fun. I try to brainwash myself with all the health benefits, but my body comprises of a lazy ass. Anyway, no matter how or what I’m feeling, I’m going to get back to the regime. No excuses.


The supporters. Those with chronic illnesses tend to require more support in life than others, and I am no exception. I feel bad that my parents still help me out with medical bills, and I’m in my 30s (we don’t have disability here). I’m grateful to my partner for also helping out a great deal, financially, physically and emotionally. This month I’d like to take some time to support them back in little ways that I know I can. For example, preparing healthy and delicious meals, or spending some time listening to their woes. These are actions that will help to nourish their minds and bodies, too.


My diet. I know that a large part of how we feel both physically and mentally has to do with gut health, but I’m not taking good enough care of it. My lousy excuses are – it’s so easy to order food here, I’m unwell half the time, I just feel like something junky, I don’t enjoy cooking, washing up is never fun, I have cravings so I order takeout again, etc. What a spoilt little first world brat I am 🙂

Anyway, we just bought a multi-cooker (we wanted an InstaPot but you won’t believe how difficult it is to get one shipped here). I’ve bought a bunch of ingredients and am going to start prepping and freezing a month’s worth of meals today…wish me luck! If you have any delicious recipes to share, drop me a comment! Keyword: easy 😉

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  • I hear you on the diet front! Even though I actually enjoy cooking it uses up so much energy I end up going with takeout way too many times. Planning ahead is something I’ve been trying to do.

    I’ve been working on my stress for a few years and it’s a major trigger for my MS. Pacing works wonders, so little step all the way, and don’t forget self kindness and self forgiveness:)

    • Thanks for sharing your perspective, and for ‘getting it’ 😉 Yes I need to find ways to make eating more delicious and fun, then maybe I’ll look forward to it haha.

  • Great writing. Your sense of humor shines through, and I’m sure that’s something that helps you in life. I wish you strength. Please be patient and gentle with yourself as you doubtless are with others. 🙂

    • Aww thank you…I’m not exactly the most humourous person around 😉 Thanks for reading and participating! Hope the prompts were fun and also helpful for the month.

  • Continuing to maintain an understanding of what are the triggers causing my CFS episodes, which are becoming more frequent. And, above all, keep raising awareness among our medical fraternity that it is not a psychological abberation of my thoughts and that CBT only helps find a level of functioning and not a cure!

    • That definitely sounds like quite a struggle, especially when others aren’t supportive because it isn’t visible! I hope you nail down the root cause real soon.

  • Great post! Not stressing myself out unnecessarily, is something I have to work at too! Good luck with the healthy eating and exercise regime! Try and make it as fun as possible! ?

  • You’ve got some great things to work on! I’m also doing the Zero to Hero. It’s so hard to exercise with dizzy spells, but this is something I’m not going to give up on. Struggling….but not quitting!

    • Learning anything new is always a good thing, I suppose 🙂 That’s very good to hear that you’re going for it all the way! Wishing you all the best with it too!

  • Thank you Kathy…although it’s purely for fun, so there’s nothing to ‘fail’ per se 😉 Nice! Elimination diets sound like a huge feat to me…I should really try one too but….LOOK AT ALL THE FOOD. Heh.

  • I applaud your efforts at learning French! I have just started a 23 day elimination diet to figure out what is making my stomach so unhappy. I think that changing our diet is so hard.

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