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November 2019 Linkup Party for People with Chronic Illnesses

November 2019 Linkup Party for People with Chronic Illnesses | A Chronic Voice

Hello November, it’s time for our monthly linkup. I’m not sure about you, but 2019 has been harsh and fast for me. In a way I’m quite glad that it’s coming to an end, and am looking forward to a fresh start in 2020. I haven’t been quite inspired or motivated to write in October, and my blog has taken a small tank. But I know that’s okay as well, that feelings and symptoms rise and fall. Right now I’m just taking shelter, and waiting for the sun to come out again to play.

I’ll probably not publish my own entry first this month, and invite you to go ahead and get the ball rolling! I might do a role-reversal of sorts this month, as I assign the prompts before writing my own post (usually it’s the other way around!). Looking forward to each and every one of your interpretations and posts as always, and thank you for helping to spread word of our November linkup around, so that more people can join our community, too!

What It’s All About

It is a monthly get together for anyone with chronic illnesses. An opportunity to share, to listen, and to learn from one another. I also think it’s a great way to provide insight into life with chronic pain, from many different points of view. All you have to do is write a short excerpt for at least three of the listed prompts, and publish it on your blog. Then click on the blue ‘Add Link’ button below to add your blog entry here. Voilà, you’re now part of the party!

A Few Simple Rules:

  1. Only 1 link per website.
  2. Do comment on at least 2 other blog posts in this linkup if you participate. Helping to spread the word on your social media is always appreciated, but not required.
  3. This linkup starts on the 1st of every month. There will be 5 different prompts. It will close at the end of each month before midnight. All timings listed are in Singapore time (+8 GMT).
  4. Pick at least 3 of the prompts to write about. 5 is best, of course! 😉
  5. We also ask that you share this main link to at least one of your social media outlets within the same month.
  6. Failure to follow these rules might get you blacklisted from future linkups. Let’s keep it fair for all 🙂

Prompts for the Month

  2. There are lots of stuff you need to pay for when you live with chronic illness, and I’m not just talking about the hefty financial bills. There’s often payback for every expansion of effort or energy, and sometimes for no clear reason at all! You could also be paying off student debt, a loan, investing in a business or property, or something more figurative.

  4. You could be attending an event, conference, workshop, class, doctor’s appointment, yoga retreat, or any sort of session! It could be on or offline. You could also be attending to your mental, spiritual or physical health, or attending to another person, animal or plant’s needs.

  6. As the festive season starts to spread its cheer, I’m sure that many of you are in the midst of some kind of organisation! Be it organising a gathering with family or friends, organising your household, or holding an event. You could also be organising your meds (again, sadly), your calendar or schedule, your meal plans, finances, activities for your children, or anything really!

  8. As the year comes to an end, I guess there are lots of last minute decisions to make or things to do. You could be taking a leap and plunging into new ventures or adventures, or plunging into the unknown. You could even be uhm…plunging your toilet, whether physically or metaphorically. Or maybe even wear a plunging neckline, or plunge into a pool or ocean somewhere out there!

  10. Your gut instinct could be telling you something this November, and you just know something’s right or wrong, yet may not be willing to acknowledge or follow. You could also be educating yourself through research and studies, gaining wisdom in one way or another, or even getting to know a person or your own self better. Or perhaps it’s a knowing that as human beings, we really don’t know very much at all!

You can find the previous linkups on this page, if you needed reference or wanted to read them.

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Spoonie Mom Rhonda
November 9, 2019 11:16

Hello and thanks for hosting again this month. You’re the best! November is here already, wow. It’s a great time to dive in and read some of the other blog posts before the super busy holiday season. xoxo #spooniehugs