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What Your Wish List Looks Like When You Live with Chronic Illnesses (15 Gift Ideas for a Better Quality of Life)

What Your Wish List Looks Like When You Live with Chronic Illnesses (15 Gift Ideas for a Better Quality of Life)

What Does Your Wish List Reflect?

What’s on your wish list, and why do you want these things? They tend to contain practical items that make everyday living easier, or luxurious treats that warm the heart.

I’m not going to complain if I receive a fancy handbag, expensive perfume or surprise holiday, so go ahead 😉 But my wish list has definitely evolved along with my chronic illnesses, to include things like pain relieving products.

I could probably conclude that the ultimate desire behind every wish list is a better quality of life, whatever that means to each of us.

Do you know someone who lives with chronic illnesses, but aren’t sure what to get them this Christmas or holiday season? Here’s 15 gift ideas that might make a small or big difference in their lives!

*Note: This post contains affiliate links. It will not cost you anything to click on them, but I will get a small referral fee from any purchase, which will be used to maintain this blog. Thank you.

Updated: 25 October 2021

1. Oska Pulse

Oska Pulse
(Image Source: Oska Wellness)

At the top of my wish list is the Oska Pulse. Every week, I read a positive review about it from a different chronic illness blogger. It is a little device that uses PEMF (Pulse Electromagnetic Frequency), a technology that’s also used in hospitals for bone healing purposes.

All you have to do is to place it near the site of your pain, and that’s it. You don’t feel a thing – it’s not a massage device, or a TENS machine. In fact, it doesn’t work by blocking out pain. (What?!) It apparently works at the cellular level to heal the source of the problem, instead.

From what I have read, it seems to work great for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia – which I don’t have – but I’d like to try it out for Lupus and Sjögren’s Syndrome chronic pain.

Anything to cut down some steroids, which I’ve been on for more than a decade without a break, talk about destructive. My bones border on osteoporosis levels because of this, and I can’t help but wonder if the Oska Pulse will have a positive affect on them too, since PEMF aids with bone healing. (Is that too much to ask for?)

It’s great that they have a 90-day money back guarantee which makes it more appealing.

2. Quell

This device is an enhanced TENS machine, and works by blocking out pain signals to your brain. It’s like a wearable painkiller, instead of an oral one.

You strap it onto your calf no matter where the pain is, and wear it for up to 24 hours as needed. Technology is pretty amazing, don’t you think? They also have a 60-day money back guarantee.

Update: I received the Quell for free in 2020, although I didn’t need to write the review in the end. They were very generous with the supplies, and I’d say that the product seemed to help to relieve my joint aches somewhat!

3. Sentient Element

Sentient Element PEMF Device
(Image Source:

This is another PEMF device on the market that comes in a range of intensities. Larry Langdon, the founder of Sentient Element, has over 30 years of experience with innovating cutting-edge technologies for Boeing, National Semiconductor, Intel, Microsoft and other classified projects for high-level applications.

He too lives with chronic pain from Lyme Disease, and Sentient Element was born out of his determination to find pain relief.

Most PEMF devices come in the range of 1 – 50Hz, whereas Sentient Element has goes up to 7 – 10,000Hz. It supports all wave forms, is portable and comes with an advanced dual coil system. What this means is that it penetrates deeper, and covers a wider area of your body where the pain is.

4. YuYu Hot Water Bottle

YuYu bottle in Liberty London fabric. Use it to relieve pain from endometriosis, period cramps, IBD, EDS, and more. | | #achronicvoice #yuyu #heattherapy #chronicillness #spoonies

This is a product that I got to try and review, and it’s been a useful addition to my personal pain relief toolkit. Unlike a generic hot water bottle, the YuYu Bottle comes in a long shape with a variety of cover materials to choose from, such as fleece, cashmere and organic cotton. They even have a series meant specifically for spoonies (people with chronic illnesses)!

You can tie it around your waist and go about your chores; the length and flexibility also mean that you can drape it across all sorts of body parts, and I hug it as a warm, comforting bolster to sleep.

Click to Read My YuYu Bottle Review & Get a 15% Discount

5. Flotation Therapy

Flotation Therapy Gift Voucher

Who said that gift ideas had to be limited to products? Flotation therapy works great for both physical and mental stress relief. In fact, I emerged from my first float ever feeling the most relaxed I’ve been in years!

Flotation induces a state of sensory deprivation, which leads you to the theta state of awareness; Kind of like daydreaming on a long car ride. It’s literally meditation without even trying. It also stimulates creativity and speeds up muscle repair, on top of many other health benefits.

The only problem as always, is the hefty price tag. A 60 minute session costs $90 (~USD66) here, or $75 (~USD55) if you buy a package.

As with many treatments, one attempt is usually insufficient to reap the full benefits, or to judge the effects with accuracy. So a gift card for more floats is always a good idea! 😉

Buy Gift Cards from Palm Avenue Float Club (Singapore)

6. Instant Pot

An instant pot is a multi-cooker which functions as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, yoghurt maker and more! I already own one of these, and they have my seal of approval on the gift ideas list!

We wanted to buy the InstaPot brand, but didn’t realise how troublesome that would be in Singapore/Australia (shipping, weight, adaptor), and ended up purchasing a Philips one instead.

What we did was to prepare a month’s supply of meals and freeze them in separate bags. Write the name of the dish down with a marker, together with any extra steps needed such as garnishing.

After that you can dump each meal straight from the freezer into the pot, and have a warm, nourishing meal ready for dinner!

Another thing you could do to help someone who lives with chronic pain, is to prepare frozen meals such as these. Once again, gift ideas do not need to be a product. It will make a huge and positive difference in their everyday life.

7. Roomba / Deebot / Robot Vacuum Cleaner

My philosophy is to automate anything that’s repetitive and mindless in nature, whenever possible. Well unless it’s something beneficial like exercise, then habits are essential!

Robot vacuum cleaners have become a popular household helper item. Even people who don’t live with chronic illnesses buy these to save themselves some time and hassle.

My sister bought my dad a Deebot for his birthday (but really, we all benefit from it 😉 ). I must say that it’s so nice to have it making its way around the house every night, helping out a little with the household chores.

I also have pet birds, who are capable of making a mess even whilst inside their cages. Empty shell husks have a way of floating everywhere, and they love to kick stuff out of their food bowls. And now with a dog that sheds quite a bit as well, our robot vacuum cleaner is really handy.

I suppose anyone with a kid would face the same problem, perhaps even more so. A dirty house and dusty floors are never good for our mental wellbeing either. So I think we can all agree that a robot vacuum clean is nice to have on the wish list?!

8. Blogging Tools & Packages

To run a blog that’s efficient and able to scale, you need to invest in it. This applies to blogging in any niche, including chronic illnesses. Many of these advocates and bloggers don’t have much cash to spare as it is!

There are the basic hosting and domain costs that cannot be avoided. Then other tools that help make blogging life a bit easier, your website speed faster and more. This benefits both the blogger and the viewer.

Popular blogging tools include:


I subscribe to Buffer’s most basic plan, which allows me to schedule posts across various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This saves me so much time and effort, as I don’t have to post or keep track of everything on my social media accounts manually. I can also schedule posts throughout the day, which helps me to reach a larger worldwide audience who may find the information useful.

I also curate a lot of posts from health news sources and from other chronic illness bloggers. Buffer allows me to schedule, rearrange and analyse all of these with ease. This helps me to figure out what timings and what sort of posts people find the best, so I can publish better content.


Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms for outreach, and is more of a visual search engine, really. Tailwind has a few nifty features for Pinterest: Pin scheduling, Communities and Smart Loop. For Instagram, it has: Post scheduling and a Smart Bio.

Tailwind Communities are collaborative groups you can create or join, with the aim of increasing the outreach of your pins to targeted audiences. With Smart Loop, you can select your best performing pins and have Tailwind automatically re-pin them wherever you like. This also aims to increase outreach. Smart Bio allows you to consolidate many links on a single landing page.

There are tons of social media and blogging tools available, and each blogger has their own preferences. You can support a blogger friend’s cause by purchasing a subscription or voucher for them, for their favourite platform(s)!

Try Tailwind for Free!

9. Bullet Journal

If you haven’t watched the video on the original Bullet Journal website, the concept is quite fascinating. There are also many beautiful journal examples all over Pinterest, with all sorts of styles for inspiration!

I’m on my second bujo, even though I admit that I don’t really need it 😉 I just find it fun to add some colours, stamps, and stickers to it. It is a tremendous aid for some though, especially those who have memory issues, brain fog, need to track their complex medical symptoms, or like to track habits or activities as a form of motivation.

On top of todo lists, bullet journals can also be used to track your health and wellness or pain, and there are even a few journaling Facebook groups dedicated to chronic illness and mental health.

Journals, even if it’s not a bullet journal, would make great presents for anyone, considering that the slate is literally blank. Use them to stimulate your creative juices, journal your days, jot down your dreams and life goals, record your favourite quotes and phrases, or do them all!

10. Heating Pad

I have a nice and big hot water bottle for days when my period strikes, or when my joints are mega achy. I must live in a cave, but I recently discovered that mysterious objects called ‘heating pads’ exist! (Or maybe I just live in a tropical climate with little need for heated products. Am I excused?)

In fact, I’ve personally never seen another Asian girl use a hot water bottle for period pain, and it was my boyfriend who introduced them to me at the tender age of 30. But let me just say – they work.

The added benefits to a heating pad include heat intensity controls, and I won’t burn my clumsy self with boiling water ever again! Apart from blankets, they also come in many other forms that target different body parts.

11. Weighted Blanket

These blankets are in common usage by those with autism or sensory issues. The weight feels like a warm embrace, which stimulates oxytocin, sometimes referred to as the ‘hug hormone’.

This apparently helps you to fall asleep faster, with a better quality of rest (ain’t that the dream?). The price differs according to the material used to fill it; do ensure that it’s non-toxic, otherwise you’d just be trading one problem for another!

Update: I’ve bought myself one of these since last Christmas, but was a little disappointed in terms of the purported effects of aiding with sleep and anxiety issues. One thing I hadn’t anticipated was the irony of the weight, when trying to pull the blanket over myself every night whilst aching everywhere!

12. Subscription Boxes

Subscription Self-Care Packages |

Subscriptions are not limited to magazines these days. There are subscription boxes for coffee, tea, even flowers and self-care! Anything you can sell, you can subscribe to; the world is moving towards a recurring sales model, whether we like it or not.

Whilst I’d rather spend my money on a specific thing I want instead of random objects in a box, it doesn’t mean that surprises aren’t nice! If you’re not sure of what to get for someone with chronic illnesses, here’s a list of subscription boxes created specially for them. These curated packages consist of lovely self-care items for pain relief, to lift their moods and more.

There are also subscription boxes for periods, mental health, and even fitness programmes adapted for those who live with chronic pain such as “Zero to Hero” and “Autoimmune Strong”.

Anticipating and receiving a pleasant surprise always produces a warm, fuzzy feeling despite the pain, doesn’t it?

13. Indoor Smart Gardens

Indoor smart gardens are becoming very popular, and for good reason. You can plant your own seeds, and harvest your own vegetables, fruits or flowers. They also don’t need much monitoring or upkeep, which is perfect for those with chronic fatigue or chronic pain.

14. Flowers, Plants & Nature-Related Items

Flowers are a welcome burst of life any time or day for people like me, who love to arrange and receive them both! You could either get them a lovely bunch, or a subscription box where they can play around and make their own floral arrangements (yes I did say there are subscription boxes for everything, no?! 😉 )

Flowers are such beautiful reminders of life, in all their fragility and beauty. They can help to brighten up a dull room or bring some much needed cheer. They show people that you care and that you remember them, which brings comfort and joy.

If fresh flowers are not a viable option, there are also dried flowers, elegant flower domes with fairy lights, self-sustaining terrariums, hanging air planters, succulents and nature-inspired prints and patterns.

Here are some magical flower domes I found!

15. Books & Magazines

Books are usually a good idea for most people. A captivating paperback is time well spent. Hardcovers or coffee table books with beautiful prints on good paper are also such a treat!

Not sure which book to pick? Here are the Editors’ Picks and bestsellers of the month on Amazon.

Books are also a wholesome physical experience. I take pleasure in fondling the paper, taking in the musty scent, and enjoy the high quality of photographs or illustrations. It all adds up to help you unwind on a subconscious level. In fact, studies have found that reading can reduce stress by up to 68%!

I also have a huge love for magazines, and usually have one by my bedside in addition to a book. I reach out for it whenever I feel like I need a little soothing. Magazines can be more creative with their presentation, which is refreshing.

You usually need to absorb the content or storyline in a book, or risk becoming lost the further you continue. But magazines are usually split into interconnected proses which you can skip or read piecemeal.

Whilst gift cards may seem a little boring, they’re pretty safe gifts if you’re unsure of what to get! Also, not every disabled person is able to hold a physical book, so an e-book or audiobook might actually be a better option.

Buy a Gift Card from Amazon Buy a Gift Card from AllScript (Singapore)

16. Amazon Kindle

As mentioned above, some people with chronic illnesses and disabilities aren’t able to handle physical books too well. Whilst I enjoy the physical experience of a paperback, reading on a Kindle comes with its own set of benefits, too. I never thought that I’d be one for reading on a screen. But when I received a Kindle as a gift, I was surprised at how enjoyable it is to read off it, too!

The size fits perfectly against the palm of my hand, and the light weight is a plus especially if you have wrist or chronic pain. Unlike mobile phones, the e-ink isn’t harsh on the eyes, and good for reading in bed when you can’t sleep.

In fact, I managed to finish reading Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman thanks to the Kindle. I was struggling to read the paperback that weighs about 1kg (2.35 pounds) with my sore hands.

I have the Kindle Paperwhite, and would recommend it; it comes with a backlight which is important in my opinion.


This wish list is a reflection of my current state in life. Many of these are things I’d never thought I’d want or need in another life. If not for my chronic illnesses, I probably wouldn’t even know of their existence! To the people who invented these wonderful products – thank you.

My wish list also probably looks a little different compared to others, based on the varying kinds of pains we experience. Over to you – what’s on your wish list, and how does that reflect your current state of being?

*Note: This article is the author’s personal opinion, and meant for educational purposes. It is not to be substituted for medical advice. Please consult your own doctor before changing or adding new treatment protocols.

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What Your Wish List Looks Like When You Live with Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness Wish List for a Better Quality of Life

What Your Wish List Looks Like When You Live with Chronic Illness

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  • So many great ideas here and I love all of them. (I have most of them too.) We’ve had an awful time trying to figure out how to get an instant pot here because of shipping. They’ve just brought Chinese versions in, but my husband doesn’t want that so we’re still waiting. Also, I LOVE my robot cleaner. What a lifesaver that thing is with two cats!

  • I’ve been wondering about a weighted blanket (in Florida!!!) or an extra large heating pad. I have trouble regulating body temps when I don’t feel well.

    • That’s no good 🙁 It can be really pesky, I know. I find my weighted blanket too heavy (ironic I know!) especially when I have joint pains. But it does provide some anxiety relief.

  • I do have a kindle and an Oska Pulse. Books are my go to for sure. But I have always wanted to try a weighted blanket. Subscription boxes are cool but I can’t afford them.

    • Subscription boxes would make perfect gifts or treats – I love them too, all the little bits and pieces to sample 🙂 I love my Kindle too. Never thought I would as I prefer traditional books, but it’s a lifesaver on the weight and in the dark, especially if you have a partner who hates the lights on. I want to try an Oska Pulse but not sure it’s worth the spend.

  • The Quell seems like a really good idea and something I would love to know more about. A very helpful and relevant list here Sheryl even though I’m discovering it in 2020!

    • Hi Shruti, I might have to take the Quell down unfortunately. It seems they got into trouble with the FTC for claims that are false:

      So it’s really up to the person as I’ve heard many good reviews from those with chronic pain. For me I could never really tell if it was placebo or not. I thought it helped, but not to a super degree where I could tell for sure.

  • I’ve been wondering about an Instant Pot for a while now! Seems such a good piece of kitchen it for those days when cooking and standing for a long time is out of the question.

    • To be honest I haven’t touched mine in a while, but it definitely is super useful for dumping in one pot meals. And I’m sure you’ll be more creative with it than me, ha! Let me know if you ever create some awesome one pot low histamine recipes! 🙂

  • Hey there! This is an amazing list. I saw that you brought up journaling. As a spoonie and licensed mental health clinician, I saw a huge need for a mind-body journal with prompts that cater to chronic illness. I created Begin Within – A Daily Healing Journal for this reason. It’s bullet journaling meets living life chronic illness. Hope you can check it out and maybe consider adding it to your list ?

  • I love the idea of heavy blankets and floatation. Would definitely like to try them. Wish you would find more peace and healing in the new year with your illness.

    • Thanks Bindu! Yes flotation was an interesting experience for me. When you’re forced to just lie and be still for an hour or more, it gets to you (in a good way!).

  • I love your ideas and the way you wrote about them. Christmas gifts are over but I’d like to have some of these on your list.

    • They sure are year round gifts, especially suitable for those who live with chronic pain, but also for anyone else 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  • Amazing stuff to be on the wish list, the oska pulse got my attention because it sounds really cool. I’m not sure if we have enough time because the list already with Santa and Christmas just couple days. Would put some of the things next time, thank you for sharing.

    • Most welcome, Fransic, and thanks for browsing the list! 🙂 The Oska Pulse is pretty famous within the chronic illness community, and seems to have a good rep! Merry Christmas!

  • I love these stuffs, even if I don’t have chronic illness, especially the weighted blanket, it’s so comfy to use.

    • Hi Rose, yes they can be useful, comforting gifts for anyone else, too! Weighted blankets are a popular choice it seems 🙂

  • Instant pot!!!! i just got one a couple weeks ago and I am so stoked on it!

    • It’s a pretty useful tool, isn’t it? Especially if you’re the sort who loves (or I guess hates :p) to cook!

  • My son has a tens machine. My neighbor just had something installed inside of her body that she charges to make pain go away; it’s like a tens machine.

    • Hi Rosey, wow that’s interesting. An internal TENS like device. I hope both your son and your neighbour are doing okay. Sending good thoughts for the season.

  • Cool things on the list, but I would add more high tech stuff.

  • Those things are cool. I also have a wish lists but I can’t afford to get it because I keep on procrastinating. Well, goodluck and I’m looking forward for your next update!

  • Thanks for sharing this amazing list of items. I am looking for Instant pot. Will definitely going to order this right away.

  • I love my weighted blanket, and I think I need that Tens unit. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us!

    • Most welcome, happy there’s something on the list you like! I’m not so much into my weighted blanket, but many people love it!

  • I want every single one of these (especially the Roomba)! Thank you for this list!

  • I LOVED my Roomba, had it for a lot of years. I have been trying to convince my husband that we should get one here in Germany. He doesn’t think it will work well, but they really do a great job.
    I would also love to have a weighted blanket, but they are so costly.

    • Haha the men don’t seem to like it so much, do they :p I personally didn’t like the weighted blanket after trying one (they are so heavy to pull up and I am one of those people who shuffle a lot in my sleep :p)

  • You’ve put together such a wonderful list here.

    I am loving so many of these suggestions that I think I may forward to my fiancé ?

  • This list of gifts is great for all of us who need pampering and self care. Even without chronic illness, we all have those days when we need some extra help and comfort. I love the gift boxes, I subscribe to one that I receive seasonally, and I so look forward to the surprises I find, things I may not have purchased for myself.

    • Definitely! What sort of subscription do you have? I love receiving things like that in the mailbox too 🙂

  • Good list. I have used a bullet journal for two years now and love it. Page for the week open and can see exactly what is happening and needs to be done. I think everyone should have a heating pad at home even for a cold and general aches. Your blog makes me appreciate my body (currently pain free) and what I take for granted.

    • Thanks so much lovely! Would love to look at your bujo pages some day on your blog! I just use them for lists and rely on stickers and washi tape to make them pretty haha. Yea definitely need a heating pad myself, I currently use the old school hot water bottles!

  • I do love my Instant Pot. It is one of the best things I ever bought. I’ve heard about the weighted blankets but not sure if I would like that or not.

    • Good to hear you love your pot! Yea weighted blankets are okay…I didn’t like them so much personally!

  • I love the weighted blanket idea!

  • A nice reminder about a remote vacuum cleaner and kindle. They are now on my list. Thank you Sheryl.

  • I would love a Roomba….I wonder if it could cope with my shaggy dog’s long hair?! Anything to help with cleaning! A weighted blanket is top of my list this year, C x

    • Haha probably not, I think hmm…But I agree, anything to help with cleaning! It seems like weighted blankets are popular requests this year! 🙂

  • I have that very instant pot cooker – it’s great. I need to look some more in to weighted blankets.

    • The Philips one? 😀 Yes, and ironically, I like pressure cooking potatoes with it, it taste good (what a waste of the cooker, ha ;)). I didn’t really like the weighted blanket I bought, but it might work for you! 🙂

  • My mum bought be a heated wrap blanket/wrap around brace it also has a large velcro strap so can just wrap around and keep in place. A god send for my back and hips.

  • There are several things here that are on my wish list as well. I would love to have a Roomba. We have two little dogs who shed like crazy, and vacuuming is a never-ending job. I recently got an Instant Pot and it’s fantastic. It’s really nice for those days when I just don’t feel like spending much time in the kitchen. I shared this on Pinterest and Facebook — you’ve got some wonderful ideas here! Thanks for giving me some items for my list! :o)

  • Sheryl, thanks for sharing these items. I think I’ll save up for the pulse for my RA. Please let us know how it works for you.

  • Some great ideas here, the Oscar pulse sounds great but too expensive for me unfortunately. The subscription boxes also sound a great idea too. This is a helpful list.

  • Some fab ideas – I’d love to try floatation, and what a novel gift that is to give someone!

  • This wish list is very close to mine! I, too, have an instant pot and it can be a lifesaver when you are too sore to make a big meal. I am doing an art journal right now and I find it very healing. I sort of do the bullet journal thing but it is in a file on my computer and is mostly to record health stuff though that includes appointments, etc. so it is a bit of a to do list. The oska and Quell are at the top of my list. We did the Roomba thing and it was great at first but scared the dog and cat, and was annoying, especially when I wasn’t well.

    • Hey Lydia, seems like these items are quite the spoonie’s dream gift haha! I guess the Roomba is a love or hate thing, from what I hear. I shall be happy with my unpainted on hands and legs for now 😉 I use my Google Calendars for lots of things, but it’s been quite nice to be in the act of actually using my hands to write something down at times :p xx

  • A weighted blanket and books are definitely on my list! I wouldn’t mind a Roomba either (and neither would my carpet)!

    • Yes how nice it would be to sink into bed with a weighted blanket (I think)! I’ve heard good and bad reviews about the Roomba, so hey, need to test it for myself ;p

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